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It is the path of least resistance that makes rivers and men crooked. - Bj Palmer
Monday, July 25, 2016
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Welcome to HellBound Hackers

Welcome to HellBound Hackers. The hands-on approach to computer security.
Learn how hackers break in, and how to keep them out.
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Stegano 27 by Euforia33.
Stegano 26 by Euforia33.
Stegano 25 by Euforia33.
Application 17 by 4rm4g3dd0n.


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A few HBH Updates

We have pushed some fixes out to some of the broken challenges.

Real7 is now back online!

Please check the status page before asking if a challenge is down.

We will have some big news about HBH coming soon, If you want to help out with beta testing this big news please let rex_mundi know so we can add you to the list.

Any EM members are already on the list :)

If you have questions about this big news feel free to post them in the following thread.

~ Mordak

Forward Secrecy & Strict Transport Security

Today we implemented Forward Secrecy in order to improve the security and privacy of HBH. Forward Secrecy "should" make it "impossible" to eavesdrop on data being transmitted from your browser to HBH's servers. We also have Strict Transport Security enabled.

You can check the report on our SSL here. The SSL report is provided by Qualys SSL Labs

Also we have updated PHP so a few page may be offline, if you find any please report them here.

We have also updated the Development page so you can all see what we are working on and things we would like to do. Feel free to post your thoughts on the current projects.

Also we have updated the Change Log to reflect these changes.

Points for Creating Challenges & Points for Hall of Fame entries have been returned to the accounts that lost them.

Ranking System Changes

Since the points reset, We have had a lot of complaints about administrators being in the top ten on the rankings page. The current Admin staff have been here for a while and had already completed the challenges BUT to keep everyone happy, Administrators will no longer be included in the points rankings and will be unranked in their profiles.

On another note Real 15 IS up and running fine.

UPDATE: Real 9 an 10 are also now back up.


Changes to HBH

All Members Read This!

There has been a few changes to HBH over the past few weeks. Here are a list of changes and some reason why:

We have removed the old database tables and reset the points. This is due to old and corrupted accounts and no way for other members to get on the score board, Points cannot and will not be reinstated. We have also removed user accounts that haven\'t logged in in over a year.

We have two new staff members Euforia33 & rex_mundi they have been a great help to HBH over the years!

We also have improved the forum and replaced some old code which should make things faster.


HBH Staff

PHP Upgrade and New Challenges

Due to the recent upgrade in the PHP on the server, Some pages may not display properly and a few challenges will be offline. Basic 26, Real 7, 9 Will be Offline till I get them recoded.

Realistic 17 is back up and running.

On the other hand, The Application page is completely redone to make it easier to submit your answers.

I\'m going to upload a few new challenges to keep everyone occupied while I work on the site.

Any bugs you see please submit them, Any Vulnerabilities Pm me them directly.

UPDATE: Application 17 by 4rm4g3dd0n released today.

UPDATED UPDATE: Stegano 25, 26 and 27 by Euforia33 released also!

UPDATED UPDATE UPDATE: Mordak has bought HBH a proper SSL Cert.

UPDATED UPDATED UPDATE UPDATE: HBH Change log is now active.


: : Computer News : :

0day exploit bypasses Windows security features, affects Lenovo ThinkPads

A zero-day exploit has been discovered in a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) driver, this exploit allows the attacker to remove the write protection that is on the flash memory, giving them open-ended access to run any scripts that they wish on the System Management Mode, which is normally a privileged operating mode for the CPU.

The exploit has been dubbed ThinkPwn, a play on words of ThinkPad and Pwned. Once the attacker has used ThinkPwn to open the machine to attack, they can disable Secure Boot which is used to verify the authenticity of an OS bootloader, in order to prevent rootkits at the boot-level. After Secure Boot is disabled, Windows security features can then be accessed and disabled, too. One of those features is Credential Guard, which is used to keep enterprise domain credentials secure, amongst other pieces of data.

Lenovo says that the affected code is not in its own UEFI file, but in one provided by an independent BIOS vendor (IBV). The extent of the security concern is not yet known. At the moment, it is only known to affect Lenovo ThinkPad machines, but it is a real possibility that other vendors and PC manufacturers could also be affected. Lenovo itself says the issue could be “industry-wide”. The only slightly positive in all of this is that, in order to attack a machine, you need physical access to it, as the UEFI can only be accessed physically, and would require a USB flash drive.

You can read more about the exploit by the researcher who discovered it <a href="">here</a>

Elites AI Created Super Weapons and Started Hunting Players. Skynet is Here.

A bug in Elite Dangerous caused the games AI to create super weapons and start to hunt down the games players. Developer Frontier has had to strip out the feature at the heart of the problem, engineers weaponry, until the issue is fixed.

It all started after Frontier released the 2.1 Engineers update. The release improved the games AI, making the higher ranked NPCs that would fly around Elites galaxy more formidable foes. As well as improving their competence in dog fights, the update allowed the AI to use interdiction hardware to pull players travelling at jump speed into normal space. The AI also had access to one of 2.1 versions big features: crafting.

These three things combined made the AI a significant threat to players. They were better in fights, could pull unwary jump travellers into a brawl, and they could attack them with upgraded weapons.

There was something else going on, though. The AI was crafting super weapons that the designers had never intended.

The hackers who could have taken down the internet in 30 minutes

I am informed that, you think that within 30 minutes the seven of you could make the internet unusable for the entire nation, is that correct?

That question came from Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) on May 19, 1998, while speaking with members of a Cambridge, Massachusetts hacker group known as The L0pht.

That is correct. Actually one of us with just a few packets, said Peiter Zatko, who is better known by his hacker pseudonym of Mudge.

Sitting alongside Mudge were six other members of L0pht who specialised in various fields of computer and network security, from satellite communications to password cracking. One of them was Cris Thomas — also known as Space Rogue.

The famous testimony of being able to take down the internet in 30 minutes, I asked Thomas in a phone interview. Was that a boast or was that realistic…

He cut me off. No, he said.

In our particular case, we were looking at something called BGP, or border gateway protocol. We found a flaw in the protocol that would cause a cascading effect through most routers in use at the time, said Thomas, who is now a strategist for Tenable Network Security.