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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Welcome to HellBound Hackers

Welcome to HellBound Hackers. The hands-on approach to computer security.
Learn how hackers break in, and how to keep them out.
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HBH Chat Server Online

Today we have opened up our mattermost chat application so you can all join the chat system.

Please see the following URL for more information.

A few HBH Updates

We have pushed some fixes out to some of the broken challenges.

Real7 is now back online!

Please check the status page before asking if a challenge is down.

We will have some big news about HBH coming soon, If you want to help out with beta testing this big news please let rex_mundi know so we can add you to the list.

Any EM members are already on the list :)

If you have questions about this big news feel free to post them in the following thread.

~ Mordak

Forward Secrecy & Strict Transport Security

Today we implemented Forward Secrecy in order to improve the security and privacy of HBH. Forward Secrecy "should" make it "impossible" to eavesdrop on data being transmitted from your browser to HBH's servers. We also have Strict Transport Security enabled.

You can check the report on our SSL here. The SSL report is provided by Qualys SSL Labs

Also we have updated PHP so a few page may be offline, if you find any please report them here.

We have also updated the Development page so you can all see what we are working on and things we would like to do. Feel free to post your thoughts on the current projects.

Also we have updated the Change Log to reflect these changes.

Points for Creating Challenges & Points for Hall of Fame entries have been returned to the accounts that lost them.

Ranking System Changes

Since the points reset, We have had a lot of complaints about administrators being in the top ten on the rankings page. The current Admin staff have been here for a while and had already completed the challenges BUT to keep everyone happy, Administrators will no longer be included in the points rankings and will be unranked in their profiles.

On another note Real 15 IS up and running fine.

UPDATE: Real 9 an 10 are also now back up.


Changes to HBH

All Members Read This!

There has been a few changes to HBH over the past few weeks. Here are a list of changes and some reason why:

We have removed the old database tables and reset the points. This is due to old and corrupted accounts and no way for other members to get on the score board, Points cannot and will not be reinstated. We have also removed user accounts that haven\'t logged in in over a year.

We have two new staff members Euforia33 & rex_mundi they have been a great help to HBH over the years!

We also have improved the forum and replaced some old code which should make things faster.


HBH Staff

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LeakedSource vanishes after reported raid.

LeakedSource, a legally and ethically questionable website that sold access to a database of more than 3.1 billion compromised account passwords, has disappeared amid an unconfirmed report that its operator was raided by law enforcement officers.

Leakedsource is down forever and will not be coming back, a person using the handle LTD wrote Thursday in an online forum. Owner raided early this morning. Was not arrested, but all [solid state drives] got taken, and Leakedsource servers got subpoenaed and placed under federal investigation. If somehow he recovers from this and launches LS again, then I will be wrong. But I am not wrong.

Attempts to reach LeakedSource operators for comment were not successful.

Yahoo patches critical XSS vulnerability that allowed hackers to read any email

Yahoo, which was in the limelight for revealing a massive hack on its users earlier this year, has fixed a highly critical cross-site scripting (XSS) security flaw in its email system that would have allowed attackers to access any email.

The flaw was discovered and reported by Finland-based security researcher Jouko Pynnonen who earned $10,000 for the feat from Yahoos bug bounty program. The flaw allowed an attacker to read a victims email or create a virus infecting Yahoo Mail accounts among other things.

Unlike other email phishing scams and ransomware attacks, there was no need for the hacker to send a virus or trick the victim into clicking a specific link. Attackers would just send the email to victims, and be able to access their account if it was opened.

Last year, Pynnonen had reported another serious bug to Yahoo that allowed an attacker to take over any users account by using the same XSS vulnerability. According to him the impact of this bug was the same as last years XSS issue.

The bug in this case resided in the emails HTML filtering code. When someone sends an email with different kinds of attachments, Yahoo uses a filtering process to inspect the "raw" HTML of that email, which normally keeps malicious code at bay.

An investigation however, showed that attackers could easily bypass that filtration process by sending a YouTube link in the email that allows the hacker to execute JavaScript code and read users emails.

The report of the critical flaw comes just months after the tech giant admitted that a massive data breach in 2014 gave access to the personal information of more than 500 million user accounts.

The attack gave hackers access to names, email addresses, telephone numbers, encrypted and unencrypted security questions and answers, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords of users. The company later blamed the attack on state-sponsored parties but did not name any country.

Unpatched Netgear vulnerability leaves routers exposed

Flaw allows hackers to execute arbitrary shell commands on affected devices.

Several models of Netgear routers are affected by a publicly disclosed vulnerability that could allow hackers to take them over.

An exploit for the vulnerability was published Friday by a researcher who uses the online handle Acew0rm. He claims that he reported the flaw to Netgear in August, but did not hear back.

The issue stems from improper input sanitization in a form in the routers web-based management interface and allows the injection and execution of arbitrary shell commands on an affected device.

The U.S. CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) at Carnegie Mellon University rated the flaw as critical, assigning it a score of 9.3 out of 10 in the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Netgear confirmed the vulnerability over the weekend and said that its R7000, R6400 and R8000 routers might be vulnerable. However, another researcher performed a test and reported that other routers from Netgears Nighthawk line are also affected. These include: R7000, R7000P, R7500, R7800, R8500 and R9000.

Users can check if their models are affected by accessing the following URL in a browser when connected to their local area network (LAN): http://[router_ip_address]/w . If this shows any information other than a error or a blank page, the router is likely affected.