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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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RE: TOR a few questions and about redirecting.


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 21-02-08 14:54
If you didn't know this about Tor yet, while nobody might know where it's coming from, they can still read the data from the exit nodes, meaning all the data you send via the Tor network. There was a hacker named Dan Egerstad who took advantage of this flaw, and was able to intercept government and embassy e-mails, which were sent over the Tor network, but unfortunately did not use SSL or some sort of encryption to make their e-mails unreadable to others. Tor is useless for you if you're sending sensitive data without protecting the content, but if you want to send data and don't care who reads it and you just don't want someone to know exactly where it came from, then yes, it's fine.

I don't know if it's a fact Tor keeps logs or not, but if you're truly concerned about someone tracing you, you can use a combination of different public proxy servers that many people use and chain them together so it's much harder to match the times in the logs and track you.