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Monday, May 28, 2018
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SOPA, CISPA...Whats Next

Osculum Umbra

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Posted on 05-08-12 20:37
CISPA was to close for comfort and with a vote of 52 to 46 I am rather positive that members of the house and senate (The 52-46 vote was the Senate that passed not long ago) are leaning towards this 1984 bullshit scam.
If you do not know what SOPA and CISPA are…first shame on you and second you can read about it here
http://en.wikiped. . .ection_Act
This is far from over and CISPA would have passed if not for extreme uproar from the people. The obviousness of what this bill was really going to do was to open and now that they have failed twice we need to keep an eye out for the next one that could seems like a lesser evil. They will make it seem like a haggle and when everyone says “Well it’s not as bad as CISPA” then they have won, it’s what they were shooting for from the beginning.
I will send up the news report on the Senate vote once the submissions for news and articles are back up however I will send up the link here as well.
The internet has become a wild fire and the government has lost control. Won’t be long till they try and pull the plug.
This is our world.
Stay safe and stay free.

Some one once said that the most merciful thing in the world was the inability of the human mind to correlate all of its contents.....HE WOULD HATE THE INTERNET. UMBRAS EX INFERNO.png

RE: SOPA, CISPA...Whats Next


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Posted on 16-08-12 07:54
Bump for importance.

While I'm not American what happens there is defiantly important and will have an snowballing effect on the rest of the world...


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Picture speaks for itself.

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Ask me for it ill give it.

RE: SOPA, CISPA...Whats Next


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Posted on 20-08-12 18:45
As we all know \"shit happens\" there is always a way around things. I think its absolutely ludicrous on the way they are performing the whole operation. If it has to be done it has to be done but there are better means of doing this and better ways of making the general public feel like there government is not controlling everything in there lives.