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Tuesday, May 05, 2015
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Posts: 16
Location: Philippines
Joined: 13.11.06
Posted on 08-09-07 14:22
GrinGood day! I'm having a trouble running my newly installed OS, which is the Solaris 10Frown, I have the downloaded and DVD copy of the solaris 10. I'm sure I installed the Solaris 10 successfully and correctly, no trouble at all, but after the installation, here comes the problemFrown, there's this list that saying choose which I want to load, Solaris, Solaris failsafe, and windows. I choose the first option which is the solaris to see my newly installed OS, what happened is that it just restart and back to the list or menu againSad. It just keep on restarting and goes back to same menu whenever I choose that option and the other option except for windows because i don't want microsoft windows to load. I'm 100% sure, I installed it correctly, I also read manuals on how to install the solaris 10. the OS won't load (if that is the right term). By-the-way I installed it on my external, USB hard drive, I disabled my other hard drive and make my external hard disk as my primary and first boot device. Someone who can help me out.... I'm having a report about solaris in my school and Demonstration is part of it... so if i can't boot it up..... (you know what will happen)Sad .... (I don't want that to happen) ... Please help ... thank you very much ... have a nice dayWink




Posts: 144
Location: edge of existence...
Joined: 16.10.06
Posted on 08-09-07 15:57
If I remember correctly, Solaris uses grub as its bootloader...It sounds like the normal Solaris option is looking to the wrong partition for your root drive.

Try pressing 'C' to get into the command line and type

root (hd0,0)

And see if that gets you anywhere. All that does is manually tells grub to search hd0,0 as your primary Solaris installation. If that doesn't work, I'd have to know where you installed your bootloaded (MBR/Root/external) to help further.

Also, check out this link for a detailed grub howto. http://www.linuxq. . .LE_SHOOTER
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