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Monday, July 22, 2019
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RE: Recent HBH Attacks


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Posted on 23-01-06 18:59
oxeh wrote:
the services HBH provide looks excellent but maybe HBH is in need in what it offers.

actually, there has only been 1 hack (very early when HBH had just started out) that was a result of poor security. All the attacks afterwards, have either been a result of trsuted admins, suddenly backstabbing the site, OR it has been a result of something HBH cant control (i.e very simple cross server hacks)


RE: Recent HBH Attacks


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Posted on 23-01-06 19:08
Mr_Cheese wrote:
well, what benefit comes from D/DOSing HBH?

and, the reason the past attackers. (espcially anarchy99) have been labeled as skiddies, is because there was no skill involved in the attack.

I think the main point that this thread is flagging up is, if you have a problem with HBH, there is no point in bringing it down. There are plenty of upstanding and respected members on this site who enjoy visiting. This site causes no harm to anyone else, so its selfish if it is taken offline by a few immature hackers looking for their 5mins of fame.

Not to mention it is most likely HBH that has taught these pathetic attackers the skills in which they used against HBH. So it becomes completely immorale and low when they decide to "bite the hand that feeds them".

HBH has alot to offer. The amount of time admins put into this site is incredable. Each week something new is added to benefit HBH members / admins. This site easily has the potential to become the largest and informative site in its field.

For these reasons i cant understand the logic behind hacking HBH. considering D/DOSing HBH wont give the hackers their 5mins of fame, seeing as no defacement is made. So, this must mean they have attacked HBH for personal reasons. This is what i would like to get to the bottom of. These selfish people obvioulsy have some vendetta agasint HBH. So, if we can find out why that is, perhaps we can change, so we can prevent further attacks.

Actually i Own most of what i have learnt to wolfmankurd. Not HBH.

I agree thatDosing is a crappy thing to do... thats why i havent done it to you. Even thoe i disagree with you on most things. P.S Anarchy 99 is not a skiddy hacking group, most of the people there are good guys. Yes even you Reddwarf ¬_¬

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