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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Microsoft Access SQL Injection


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Posted on 04-07-11 02:44
Alright, so I'm pentesting this box running Windows Server 2003 with Microsoft Access as the backend database. It interfaces with this DB via the ColdFusion that the app is programmed with (.cfm). The debug error messages print out not just the SQL query, but with the surrounding CFM code as well as a stack trace, and there are SQL injections riddled all throughout the site.

I've never played with MS Access, but I figured this would be ridiculously simple. I quickly figured out that it doesn't allow SQL code to be executed after the end of a statement ";", which took out a lot of exploits. So I decided to poke around some more, possibly map out the tables/db's, however almost all of the techniques I knew failed with strange Syntax errors I wasn't familiar with. Various attempts at researching possible techniques for MS Access resulted in the server acting far differently than I was expecting.

I looked into this for a solid 3 hours before deciding to try and see if I could find assistance with various DB-exploit programs. I pulled out Sqlmap, and it successfully registered the exploit as a valid injection. But as soon as I try to pass any flags for pulling information to Sqlmap, I get various forms of "This doesn't work with Microsoft Access". The only thing I can get SQLmap to do without crashing is return the database fingerprint, which I obviously already knew. I'm thinking this isn't limitations of the program, but that these techniques just don't work on MS Access.

Anyone have any ideas for how I can progress this exploit? The coder obviously didn't account for SQL Injection, but I'm thinking there isn't anything I can really do here. If anyone has any material to read/techniques to try, I'd be grateful.

Thanks guys

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