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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Kados Introduction FINALLY


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 22-04-09 04:18
Hi everyone my online name is kadoskracker. The actually version that i first started is Kados but everyone pronounces it kaaadoze so i just gave up on it and actually changed it to kaydoze (the actually pronunciation just wrong spelling.

I am new to HBH and I am glad to be here, I started over on Hackthissite about 2 1/2 years ago and now am just getting back into it after taking some time off for school. I was in school for computer science / programming and now in school for Biology. For some reason i feel that i will end up a computer person in the end.

I can not believe that you need to get 100 points just to post. I do understand why but jeez. I had so many questions and none that i could ask on the forums, I actually had to Google and learn stuff (lol orly). I actually love to learn as long as i can find good articles on the stuff I am looking for, though i usually find junk. I actually looked through most of the articles on the HBH article section to get my information for the 100 points that i needed to get.

Some times I just take a night off and i figure the stuff out. Like the Real 1 challenge i just sat on my bed for 5 minutes and i figured out why i couldn't get the stupid thing to log on, OF COURSE i was thinking too hard.

Anyway, after everything i just love to learn, i started out in 9th grade when i had absolutely no idea what a subnet mask was. I took one from my school computer and thought i was HOT stuff. After that i just kept learning, Reading, buying books and just playing with computers. Got an A+ certification and that was a joke. Smile

Can't get better than friends Smile c yall around :ninja:


kados = soul
soul cracker

one of my other online names is kadoskeeper which stands for soulkeeper.

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