North Bay High School
North Bay High School is proud to be the number 1 in school rankings of the State. We also have great teachers that will never leave a student behind.

We invite parents to visit our school campus and explore the virtues your son or daughter will be receiving by attending North Bay High School. For more information, please give us a call at 432-985-1256.

The students at our Academy benefit from a full range of academic programs from Nursery to 12th grades. Despite the impressive growth, the North Bay is proud to offer the same personal, individualized love and attention as was given to the first six students who attended.

A dedicated staff of distinguished Administrators, teachers, professionals and volunteers work tirelessly to improve and enhance the school. Each student is cherished and that feeling is reciprocated with devotion and an unsurpassed commitment to both secular and Judaic studies. The curriculum is designed to stimulate and challenge the students who respond with outstanding academic and social performance. The school enables them to continue their educations in the most renowned Universities, Seminaries and Yeshivas throughout the world.

Teachers can now grade students online!

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