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Hacking isn't just Computers & Exploits. It's a Philosophy. - Mr_Cheese
Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Essay on Hackers

Arrow Image an essay i did on hackers just edited it a lil bit

n. Informal
1.One who is proficient at using or programming a computer; a computer buff.
2.One who uses programming skills to gain illegal access to a computer network or file.
3.One who enthusiastically pursues a game or sport: a weekend tennis hacker.

Im pointing at the first 2 there. It briefly explains what a hacker does to some degree anyway.
“What makes a hacker a hacker? Thats kind of like asking what makes cheese cheese. Time and Patience makes good cheese just like time and patience makes a hacker. Learning new skills also makes a hacker a hacker. Now for the point of this essay what makes a hacker bad or good. I intend to try to answer that in this essay.”

Hackers can be anyone. The kid next door, your best friend even the guy that works down at the local shops that helps you with what you\'re looking for. Most people think that hackers are druggies that shoot up every night when you\'re asleep and break into your computer or that they\'re murders I read some of the people that are scared of hackers cant even turn on a computer. The social base of a hacker isnt someone that wears black clothes or sits alone in class in a dark corner they could be the most popular kids in school.

Black Hat Hacker: Someone who breaks into a system to do harm to it. Why do the “black hats” do this? Well if I knew that I would tell you but the only way to find out if to ask a black hat him/herself. I personally think prosecuting black hats is stupid because they might be kind enough to backup the webpage and leave a note for the admin to tell them where it is then the admin can fix up the hole. We all learn from our mistakes. But knowing you just ruined a persons carrier by labeling them as a \'Black Hat\' and persecuting them is just wrong because who would hire someone who has a record for computer hacker? Who? Noone thats who.

Grey Hat Hacker: Someone who is in between Black and White hat. They break into systems and do damage but they are also kind enough to tell the admin how to fix it. Unfortunatly they still get prosecuted for helping people. If you had to break the law to save someones life would you? Would you complain if you went to jail and were never allowwed near one of your most favourite things in the world? Probably not. So once again. Why persecute them?

White Hat Hacker: Probably the kindest hackers known to mankind that are aware of hackers. They break into the system and leave a note with out doing any damage I\'ve heard of very few white hats being prosecuted. They break in as well but why dont they get prosecuted or is it only people that do damage. Whatever happened to good old breaking and entering laws? Why prosecute two kinds of hackers yet not White Hats?

Script-Kiddies: Not even worthy of the name hacker. They use programs to DDOS websites and crash servers then they go brag about it in chat rooms on IRC “1 7007411y 0\\/\\/3|\\|3|) 7h47 b0x d00d” No one gives a fuck you probably will get arrested the next day anyway although I dont think some companies waste their time on these \'ub3r d00ds\'*cough*.

So There you have it. Definitions of different kinds of hackers. Im not sure if I was accurate on the Grey Hats let me know if I wasnt. Hope you enjoyed reading this.




Darth_Pengoon June 08 2005 - 07:04:55
A part of myself told me that when i wrote it but i just wasnt sure
hack4uon June 08 2005 - 23:56:48
nice article... if you like writing... maybe you can become interested in writing for the newsletter.... ask Cheese if you want to... Tell him Hack4u sent you Grin
Darth_Pengoon June 09 2005 - 07:12:03
hmm ok i'll think about it
BlackAce227on June 23 2005 - 23:46:03
Who hoo White Hats Unite Wink - guess what i am Wink
lord daedaluson June 24 2005 - 03:05:37
Well IM a Black Hat AND their is no reason WE do Damage to peoples websites, computer networks and other then just to get our name out their or to cause damage to some lame ass who thinks he knows computers but your Articles/ essay was great
6340on April 10 2006 - 22:48:17
good essay. Very informative. (Only thing is, its bad essay structure to write 'in this essay'Wink otherwise, it was good.
PoorHackeron February 28 2008 - 11:41:33
good work man
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