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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Using a mac as a wireless router.

Arrow Image Turn a spare mac into a wireless router.

Everyone ends up with spare something it's a fact of life. Some people end up with spare watches wallets you name it, and many of us earn a spare mac or two. Thankfully this doesn't need to go to waste and instead of buying a router you can use a mac with just an Ethernet cord. (rating: very easy) and will only take 10-15minutes to setup your very own access point.

Now just a few details This was done on the latest version of Mac OSX, Leopard (10.5), and of course the mac was wireless compatible (not a huge mac head so I wouldn't know about all the other macs).

First you need to make sure your Internet can run off a source that isn't wifi powered such as your Ethernet connection, open google if you can you are all ready.

First you must share your Internet connection:

Open System Preferences, and click on Sharing. Select “Internet Sharing” under the service listing. Change “Share your connection from: [something]" to "Built in Ethernet". Under the To computers using: section, tick the “Airport” box. Click “Airport Options” Enter an easy name to identify your newly created Network such as hbh pwns all. Leave “Channel” on Automatic and enter security details as you see fit (My suggestion: Tick “Enable Encryption”, enter a 10 digit password, use 40 bit encryption). (Note: ps3 and some devices do not work with an encrypted connection.) Click OK Now tick the “On” checkbox next to the Internet Sharing Service. You may be prompted for two things. If your Airport is off it will tell you it needs to turn on. It will also ask “Are you sure you want to turn on Internet Sharing”. Select yes to both of these questions.

{{Choosing good password:

Lets say you want to set up a connection but don't want to get hacked. There is a no fuss way of getting your password: with wep so go for a wpa based pass. To break a wpa pre shared key connection you need to deauth a station then capture the 4-way handshake of the computer reconnecting however they can only crack it if they bruteforce the password or happen to hit it with a wordlist based crack. To stay safe use a password that includes both numbers and letters, use the numbers all around the pass like the start, middle and end and try to keep the letters you do use far away from a real word. A good pass would be '16aus875ma'which is simply my age (16) aus for Australia and 875 is just random while ma is for Matthew.}}

Obtaining related information Open Terminal (Applications/Utils) and type ifconfig en1 in the output. Look for: inet netmask Write down the IP address associated with the first inet (mine was; however yours may be different) Type dig. Near the bottom of this output you will see SERVER: followed by an IP address. With this you can set up your game consoles:
From the Main Menu Click on the Wii Button Click Wii Settings Go to the Second page of options and click Internet Select “Connection Settings” Click on a spare connection slot Select Wireless Click ‘Search for an Access Point” Click OK and then Close Select the Network we created earlier (in the example we used NDS) Enter Network password if applicable (I strongly suggest this to be the case!!!). Click OK. Click Ok….again!! Click Yes to save settings Click Yes to perform test Once the test returns a successful response, you are given the option to update your console. Select as required. Click “Use this connection” That’s it. Click back a heap of times to return to the main menu and away you go or just push the home button on the remote.

If you have the 60gb ps3 you can set up your wireless as continues if the ap is open and not protected. Select (Settings) and then (Network Settings) in the Cross Media Bar. Select [Internet Connection Settings]. Select [Yes] when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet. Select [Wireless]. Select [Scan]: (A list of access points within the range of the system is displayed. Depending on the model of PS3™ system in use, you may have the option [Automatic]. Select [Automatic] when using an access point that supports automatic setup) Select the SSID that we created earlier WLAN Security setting: None Save your Settings Test the connection: (If you select [Test Connection], the system will attempt to connect to the Internet) Confirm the connection test results. If a successful connection has been made, information on the network will be displayed.

And for the 360 if you have the add on required go into system in the blade and choose network settings edit settings then I presume the options will be in advanced, sorry everyone I don't have the add-on.

Good luck have fun. Enjoy some wireless gaming.

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