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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Data Mining Guide

Arrow Image These two tutorials will teach you how to data mine some body, but also teach you how to protect yourself from being data mined.


Basic Guide On How To Data Mine
Protecting Yourself From Being Data Mined

By NurBo`
NurBo.Guru [ at ]


So you want to find some information out on some guy talking shit about you
or he just over stayed his welcome? Then this tutorial will show you how to
find some information out about a person. So I hope everybody enjoys this

A good first start is the all mighty Google some people think it can\'t help you at all
but it will be a big factor in the Data Mine. What you first want to do is grab the guys
alias and Google it. If it comes up with to many results as in other people use that name
as we\'ll then now you want to try some different information. Try to get his email address
aim,yahoo,msn what ever. Then google that ex. just Google that
and this will show up websites/forums that person has signed up in with that email address.
So let\'s say he has a yahoo account or a Stickam account, then you want to look for pictures
of him. Or some more information about him zip codes,other addition information or look through
his forum post. And see if he says anything about his Real life, were he lives or other things like

Now most people will say myspace wtf?? We\'ll if you have that persons email address
then try it out on the Myspace search. Goto Search>Then click the Email button>Then put there
email address in there. And if they have a myspace then bam if there picture from other sites look just
like his Myspace picture then you know. Thats him! So then check out his friends most of his top 8
and see were all of there locations are. Let\'s say all of there location information says Texas Fuck you city
or something like that. And half of the people on his top 8 has that, then you know he\'s from there
(the girls myspaces are the best to scope out for school information and location information)
Another cool way I thought of is let\'s say he has his real name on his Myspace you can try sending
one of the girls on his top 8 a message saying \"Yo home dog yo b do you got Jasons number b
I was suppose to meet him at the mall b you feel me b if you have his cell phone or house phone
can you please send it to me b thanks b\" And most of the time they will send you there phone number
so now you have there Picture,Phone Number, and General Location.

Another way to find out some information is if you have one of there messenger info like there aim account
or something. Then you can google there Aim name pdphoenix3 and half the time it will come up with
something another forum another website then start looking for more information on the guy.

A good way to make sure you know there location is to get there ip address how can you
get this if you only talk to them on aim or myspace??? We\'ll you make a quick free forum and
you make the domain something that there interested in say cars. So name the forum then you login to the forum as admin and then watch out for users
ip address. So then you message your friend over aim saying \"hey man I just made this
new car forum wanna admin or mod on it at least tell me what you think about it. check it real quick\" Ok most of the time he will goto it then refresh the
logs and bam you have his ip address. This is a trick I usually do =P so now that you have
his ip address its time to whois it. Here is a good website

This will tell you his state,city,country etc then now you know his location for sure now
you have the myspace proof and now this.

So now you have a picture of him his phone number his email address
and other messenger information, and now you his location. We\'ll if you want to
go deeper check out some of these websites search his real name etc



Protecting Yourself From Being Data Mined


#Part One-Exploring Yourself:
Sounds a little queer but one of the first things you
can do is do some research on your self. So if there is
any type of information about you on the internet. You will
find it and destroy it Embarrassed search your real name, alias etc.

1)Make sure you never I mean never! put your whole name
on the net. Anthony Meheme Jackson see that was a mistake
putting my name on the net now if somebody hates me they already have some basic Intel on me.

2)Phone Number:
Never give your phone number out to anybody I don\'t care
if you think your close. I remember this one story that made me
rofl! This kid I won\'t say his name he gave his phone number
to his friend because they where in the same security group.
Then his friend pissed off somebody from the g00ns, so they
started saying they would get his mom fired blah blah blah you know saying shit that would make a skid shit his pants. So then he fessed up and gave one of the g00ns members his phone number just like that
now you\'ll have people calling your house like its a Chinese sweat shop.

When ever you sign up on a forum/website try to use the function
that will hide your email address so when people search it on Google
they won\'t find anything. So its always good to do that.

We\'ll for me I really don\'t care if people know I live in California
just make sure they don\'t know your city :p. Because
if I knew some kids location I would only be searching that
city\'s locations/names/phone numbers. Now if your on some kids
website that you know he hates you make sure you surf there
website via pr0xy/vpn so you have several different ip address
on there website.

If you do own a Myspace account as do I call me a \"Myspace fag\" what ever I only use my Myspace to talk
to my old friends. Any ways make sure your profile is private so people have to add you to see your profile.
Or if you want to make it public hide your friends. Because if your Myspace profile is \"public\" then the person that
is looking for your Intel can look at all of your friends and see where they live what school they goto etc. So watch
out for that to this includes BeBo etc. And make sure you don\'t have your whole name on your Myspace first name is cool
and watch your comments as we\'ll because one of your friends might post your whole name as a comment.

6)Registering a Domain:
Make sure that you uses private registration feature, it\'s gonna cost you a few more bucks but it\'s really worth it cuz anyone can
easily whois your domain and know all your private information \"full name, phone numbers, fax, address .... etc\"

7)Paying for Stuff Online:
Make sure that you use disposable credit cards and the same via PayPal because they can be easily tracked,
just buy whateva you want and throw them away and for every purchase use a different credit card or PayPal account

#Fake Information:
This is a very good thing too do especially if your on alot
of websites/forums when ever I make a new email or something I use
my real first name (or do I) but a fake Last Name or fake Middle name so when the person does try
to get some intel on you theres so much fake shez around him he won\'t know which one to pick.

Just make sure you watch out what you put on the net
you may think its nothing but with your whole name some
hackers can do alot with it and always remember small clues
can easily add up to answers when put together like a
jigsaw. One of the quotes I like is
\"Don\'t put anything on the net that you wouldn\'t share in public\" I think thats the quote.

Shoutz To: && My Blog && HBH


Frost_Ton April 15 2008 - 05:54:29
In opposition to mosh over here I wouldn't give out my location, but in all honesty I can say its more out of paranoia then actual fact-based fear (I blame bad tv Pfft). Your article was well written however, I learned something, which makes it a success in my eyes. Just watch how you start the article, I almost didn't read it after I read your intro about "some guy talking shit"...thought it might be a "get back at your annoying neighbor - a tale of two skidies" style, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Good job.
cubeman372on April 15 2008 - 07:15:01
I rate this article poor. This is not Data mining Data mining is the act of looking through data for previously unseen patterns/relationships which someone wouldn't have noticed. Don't believe me? . .ata+mining The article above is about cyber stalking / crude forms of phishing / Common Sense. Frown
Uber0non April 15 2008 - 19:11:24
@moshbat: Your advice about using multiple nicknames is something that I hope everyone here will follow ^^ Btw if anyone's interested in Swedish sites and registers of this kind, just PM me ^^
dex_poeton April 16 2008 - 08:57:40
@ mosh, Your name might not mean much by it's self, but it cuts out thousands of potential people if someone is tracking you. A name and age/location/ or phone #, are likely to lead straight to you. And you are connected to many other things like your brother and your parents divorce records. You might not have anything personal posted about you, but your brother might. likewise, divorse records are very revieling. And sorry if I sound like a stocker. @cubeman372, the same statistics formulas can be used by a computer program. Same thing, bones to bones.
dex_poeton April 16 2008 - 09:04:44
And at the "exploring yourself" thing, You don't "find" information about yourself. You know what has been submited, and you know who has access to it, who has a copy of it, who reads it, & who distributes it. Rated poor, although I think HBH has needed to read something about privacy for a while.
NurBoon April 17 2008 - 01:05:04
@cubeman Data mining is finding information on person
cubeman372on April 17 2008 - 16:54:28
Grabbing numbers of Myspace? Googling someone's email? These are simply forms of finding out information, information which is readily available. Data Mining implies the data is not in the public domain. Data mining isn't purely finding information on person. But Data mining could be used to find information on a person. Data Mining takes is large scale. Tracking someone down is totally different.
AldarHawkon April 17 2008 - 17:10:22
This is not Data Mining. This is simply doing research. Nothing more. Data Mining would be finding information not publicly available (IE FBI records) and the likes. Sorry but this is not what it states it to be. :angry:
NurBoon April 25 2008 - 01:08:28
ok look this is public data mining and don't say "its f^cking easy to get intel" its not that easy. But if you keep on complaining about the article then you should make some tutorial about real data mining
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