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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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10 reasons to get Windows Vista.

Arrow Image Yes, finally someone who isnt slagging it off.

1. The desktop uses your GPU! You know when you maximise, minimise move a window, well your GPU handles this. I didnt in XP (or if it did it didnt do it very well) Most computers these days have dedicated graphics boards, so why not use them even when your not playing games?

2.ReadyBoost And Superfetch. This is where people got the stories that Vista uses 900Mb of RAM 'Idleing'. Its loading your commonly used programs into your RAM, so they load faster when you need them. ReadyBoost gives you the ablity to use a Memory stick for the same purpouse, Such memory sticks will also be used to page programs that arnt in use before the system relies on the Virtual Memory on the hard drive. because the USB drive is significantly faster that the HDD there is a significant performance gain from doing this.

3.It deals with programs that crash much better. It will simply freeze them and ask you what to do, better than XP's way of sorting a crash out: Give it as much RAM and CPU time as the loop its caught itself in wishes to consume and force you (the user) to hit the power button.

4.It looks better! Why this may not concern most of us, the XP themes look proper naff now, the new Aero theme, with trasparancy looks kinda cool even if it actually means nothing. Flip3D however i still have not found a use for. The live thumbnails on the taskbar are ok if you have short memory loss, but they are too small to make anything of.

5.Hybrid Sleep. similar to standby. but dumps the RAM to protect against data loss from a power outage. XP in standby was terrible, if you lost power you would come back to drivers being fucked and all sorts of corruption.

6.Better 64bit support. While some of us may be using 32bit still, and applications are still being written for 32bit this may not be of upmost concern for some, however anyone with more than 1Gb of RAM really should consider a 64bit OS if they can. If you are going to have a total memory over about 3gigs (including Virtual Memory or ReadyBoost) you will need Physical Address Extention on 32bit systems, which is much less efficient than using a 64bit system.

7. It will become the standard. however much some may not like it, it is inevitable. So why not get used to the new UI and new features before you have too?

8.It no longer feels like its in its infacncy, compatibility issues with older programs are mostly been ironed out and programs are now being wrtten with Vista in mind,

9.Networking, it is so much better at it! It can find the printers and other devices on a small home network in seconds. something XP just couldnt do at all, let alone in seconds.

10.Sound Management. You can change the volume and mute individual applications, as well as doing it all as one. For instance you might like to keep Windows Live Messenger open collecting messages when your watching a movie, but you dont want it making noises, so you can mute it while your watching the movie!

Ok, thats my 10 reasons, they are all relevant to my computer use i guess, Vista has downfalls, some big, some small, some misunderstood. But it is in no way a 'bad OS'
For those who say it loads programs slower and all that i say this.

No version of windows has loaded apllications or has been 'faster' than its predecessor. But 10 years on, is 98 still faster and better than 2k or XP? Didnt think so.

For the record:
Im using Windows Vista Ultimate x64)
I have used all versions of Windows XP (including MCE and Professional x64)
I would not recomend Vista for anyone without atleast 1Gb of RAM, 256Mb of VRAM and a Geforce 7 (Ati x1650) or better graphics unit. it is heavy on the hardware, but if your not using your hardware your wasting it.

Just so you know:
I loved XP, it was a pain the ass sometimes, but i got used to it, i had tried every setting and every combination i could, generally believed i got the best from that system, THAT is why i got vista, and that alone, at first, i wanted a new toy, thats all, i did not realise that all these features would be so good, infact i was planning on turning most of them off.


mr noobon October 21 2007 - 11:35:10
lmao! 10 reasons not to get vista: 1#it can take up to 512MB RAM on its own 2#It clutters your desktop with useless dashboard utilities 3#its full of vulns, almost as many as XP SP2 4#because it funds micro$oft Pfft 5#the graphics requirements are boosted just to make windows fade in and out 6#it asks you for confirmation for absolutely everything 7#the wireless features suck. like mega suck. 8#as with most windows systems, it resists giving you access to underlying OS functions which are very useful for hacking 9#YOU HAVE TO BUY A HIGH SPEC COMPUTER JUST TO USE IT 10#cos ubuntu is so much better Pfft
Codenaur2on October 21 2007 - 12:41:03
Some good points there, but id rather use windows xp Grin
Zephyr_Pureon October 21 2007 - 16:02:47
The software compatibility issues are still more critical than you mention. Visual Studio 2005 still doesn't work correctly under Vista, and I've been testing it since Vista came out. Sorry, but I don't sympathize with the "simpler" networking concerns. XP was able to locate printers and other devices around it... you probably didn't even try. As for the performance... we already had that discussion in the forum. It all boils down to this: Vista is the next version of Windows, so everyone has to learn it. For reasons that are universally acknowledged, individuals and businesses alike are choosing to remain with XP for the moment. Finally, instead of doing a laundry list of reasons, why not write an article on the "new features"? This just looks like a compilation of reasons from gullible people in the forums.
midoon October 21 2007 - 16:11:59
I agree that Microsoft Windows OS, is really good in media management, especially audio ones. Another thing, I think Microsoft soon, will produce its own brand computers, to deny using Microsoft products on non-Microsoftic computers!
Arto_8000on October 21 2007 - 16:19:42
What about Vista compatibility problem ? In most of the game I play, people who run under Vista had problem because they run Vista and not XP. XP is still fully supported with update, XP is much lighter, more custom plugin on the web, etc.
spywareon October 21 2007 - 16:45:32
Good nick, this article is Pure Evil. Looks like you are a noob at windows XP and prefer the pre-chewed, easy to manage noob friendly OS that is also bulky and large. No thanks sir.
root_opon October 21 2007 - 18:40:38
I dont see the reason to change to Vista really. XP is so much more lighter then Vista when it comes to hardware Requirements. But still XP has almost all features and more then Vista (althou the UI in Vista is pretty neat Pfft). Voted Average!
korgon October 21 2007 - 20:44:48
Zephyr_Pure is right, big time software compatibility problem, also system lag. Everything you mentioned can easily be achieved with XP If you know what your doing.I could go through a whole list of bugs I've encountered so far with vista but it's not worth my time.I would wait quite awhile to get vista till all the bugs are out. (remember when XP first came out)
Skunkfooton October 21 2007 - 21:38:27
Vista is so much slower! Some nice little features, but nothing worth $500, especially when Linux is not only free, but open-source Smile
PureEvilon October 21 2007 - 22:01:42
Thanks for calling me gullible Zephyr_Pure, Everything i wrote here was from my own experiences, i hadnt considerd compiling what anyone else has said, or any crap from the microsoft website. As for everyone else, get off your "Vista's shit" bandwagons and test it for yourself. It really isnt that bad.
Arcubeon October 22 2007 - 02:05:23
@Zephy_Pure: Microsoft fixed that, try to update your copy of VS 2005. As for the price of Vista, it's pretty high, that's true, but here in China, the genuine copy is only $50 at the Best Buy :happy: The article could have talk about all the myth on Vista and the why they are false. Anyway, let's wait for Windows 7, this one will be good :happy:
omniwrath540on October 22 2007 - 02:33:33
I have vista on my laptop, and I can't stand it. I have a partitioned hard drive however, so I'm still deciding on which new linux distro to try. But I'm sorry to say, vista sucks. To quote svarog, "The only good thing about vista is that even the viruses have compatibility issues." it really is that bad, nmap is a pain in the ass (as are many other programs) on vista, you have to edit everything so that you can run programs as an administrator, it takes up a shit load of room, and downgrading from it can f*** up your drivers. it comes with all sorts of functions disabled that make hacking hard, and it has horrible wireless support. Why would you want to give Microsoft more money anyways?
Skunkfooton October 22 2007 - 04:46:32
Why did this get accepted as an article? brb, I'm gonna write an article on the top 10 reasons why Jack in the Box is the best fast food restaurant...or the top 10 reasons why morons piss me off...Angry
necoon October 22 2007 - 11:37:29
yeh nearly everyone ive spoken to hates vista. it will be ok once it is hevaly patched and the hardwhear has advanced to the point where the standad comp can easly run vista but untill then ill stick to linux and xp thanks.
Flaming_figureson October 22 2007 - 17:53:24
Well, recently, I have gotten a new computer with Vista Basic on it by default. Most games for PC are coming out for Vista in specific. The new USB RAM boost is nice and the look is amazing (although RAM sucking and graphically wasting) Now... It is not compatable with many programs, it still requires security updates and patches and it does ask you for every move you make if you want to make it... BUT with that comes the extra security, one day you might get "Uber 1337 Trojan has attempted to connect to your computer. Allow?" what it is doing is keeping you off of system admin 100% of the time so that things can't just randomly connect without you know. BUT that being said XP can do all of this with a certain level of expertise. BUT- listen, I can go on forever with goods and bads about these operating systems. Linux has many flaws in it, nobody wants to abuse them, and it has limited support as well, if you were smart enough you would KNOW how to get around Microsofts blocks to get into hacking based utilities. Oh, and YOU clutter it with usless desktop things, you can take them off, (or are you to much of an idiot to do so) All in all, don't flame Vista. It's a child in the OS world. Wait till it gets its patches. Learn how to dual boot. Fuck.
richohealeyon October 22 2007 - 19:03:52
pffft... i have a modded version of ultimate, yeah runs ok on pentium D 3.4 ghz, 512 meg ram, with aero and full options. BUT networking my ass. Seriously, i have 2 routers, 2 more XP boxes, a bsd server, and a laptop on this network. Guess what devices vista found? 1. the gateway router, and even then all it could tell me about it was that the internet was in some way involved. vista is a piece of shit as far as i;m concerned, and don't say i don't know whereof i speak, i've been changing OS's for years, i've tried the lot.
mr noobon October 22 2007 - 19:26:49
i think most of us arent on some kind of "vista bandwagon", i bought a new laptop and vista drained its battery in half an hour. ubuntu sits on there happily for 3-4 hours. i couldnt load some applications because it ate my ram like the motherf*cker it is.
bigggnickon October 22 2007 - 19:32:38
you are a retard.:angry: please die Smile
ynori7on October 22 2007 - 19:47:16
i agree that vista is a good OS and the features mentioned are very useful. vista seems to be very good with file allocation as well. as to mr noob's comment about vista draining his battery, he has a shitty computer. my laptop has vista and the battery lasts 4 hours.
Flaming_figureson October 22 2007 - 22:13:55
Ya, I'm not saying Vista is GOOD, I'm saying it is good enough for now. I'm looking past everything I can and using it till patches come out, but I am going to be booting a copy of ubuntu or redhat or something with it. At least basic is "not as secure" which means that I can secure it the way I want it secured. Vista isn't compatible with shit. Not only do you need expensive parts but you need expensive products that are compatible, and I have disabled many default functions. It sucks for now, but it has hopes for being good in the future with more compatibility and patches. So right now, it is a no on vista for me, but I am sticking with it for gaming and booting linux for programming and networking.
02nwoodon October 23 2007 - 10:06:07
Vista is totally crap. I installed it on one of my HDD(Debian on my other HD) and had it in for about 4 month. I was willing to give it a shot but after a while... I just downgraded to XP. If your after graphics just install beryl/aiglx and kiba-dockon Linux. Microsoft failed with this one. Yes it has good graphics but no where near stable.
mr noobon October 23 2007 - 19:08:32
ynori have you tried reading the rest of my comment? UBUNTU SITS ON THERE FOR 3-4 HOURS. dumbass
PureEvilon October 23 2007 - 23:14:37
mr noob, shut the fuck about vista eating your RAM. ive been using vista now, and recently replaced one 512Mb chip with a 1Gb chip, there were no bite marks, Vista is currently using about 300 megs of my RAM, over half of which is the firefox browser im using to post this message. the rest of the RAM being eaten is superfetch, which is a good thing as far as im concerned.
DigitalFireon October 23 2007 - 23:58:36
Alright, we we can all agree that vista has its ups and downs. But i was kind of disappointed with vista. i mean that whole eating ram will be less important with time as computer power increases exponentially and the boosted graphics will be nice, and the vulnerabilities will be half-plugged over time microsoft style. but really it doesnt introduce anything RADICALLY new. like no new "wow" features ya know? superfetch is nice and faster sorting/searching is really cool but nothing that new. if microsoft really plans on releasing a new OS it really better be packed with actual new and useful features. linux ftw
tonzofgunz25on October 24 2007 - 01:36:31
1. why not use everything you can at all time?!!!!! it just makes shit slower 2.dont care thats still slowing shit down and theres a big chance i wont even use 98% of the programs it loaded. 3. Shit only crashes on windows and macs. 4.gui=garbage computers are for functionality. 5.Hybrid Sleep. similar to standby. but dumps the RAM. Ok so u sed it yourself it spends tonz of resources loading the ram and then dumps it everytime it sleeps.... does it reload after this? 7. It will become the standard. however much some may not like it, it is inevitable. So why not get used to the new UI and new features before you have too? So by this logic we're all going to die and we should just kill ourselves now to get used to it b4 we have to.
PureEvilon October 24 2007 - 11:28:06
Hybrid sleep dumps the RAM in case of a power failure, if the data is still in the RAM when you start up again the data is not loaded from the disk. I think death is a little diffrent to an OS, but you could always be buried alive to see what its like......
mr noobon October 24 2007 - 17:29:57
whatever pureevil, you can obviously tell that people think, no know that vista sucks cos you wrote this article, so just take it that people think it sucks and you think it doesnt. and it does actually eat my ram, id take a printscreen if id left it on.
PureEvilon November 04 2007 - 22:29:03
tonzofgunz, in defence of superfetch, it wont preload 98% of programs you dont use for 2 reasons. It learns what you use most, and loads that, like your web browser or whatever, secondly, if your not EVER going to use a program, why the fuck did you install it? Hybrid sleep only needs to reload the data from the disk if the data in the ram is lost due to a power failure. Try posting that comment again, using only a command line, then come back and say you dont need a GUI.
ThorsDecreeon November 22 2007 - 04:57:59
vista sucks. We use it at school (thank God the library still uses XP!) and it is sooo crappy. It got down to 666MB RAM and crashed (yes, I even have a screenshot, here and its a bitch. Waaay too heavy on hardware, I'd much rather use my hardware for my actual programs... because isn't that what an OS is? A platform off which to launch programs. Don't bloat it so much... damn Micro$haft.
AlphaXon July 02 2008 - 09:12:32
Omg! Wut 'bout the shit they're doing now? Hardware-Software integration? They started PC's w/ Vista and hardware that's not compatible w/o it. U think, wow, not a big fan of Vista, I'mma' dual-boot or I'mma' install Linux. *TOO BAD!* Many have tried 2 spoof Vista's specs and fool the hardware but I have yet 2 hear of a success story. What right do they have 2 fuck ur shit like that? U bought the hardware, u bought Vista, why not let u do wtf u want w/ it?
AlphaXon July 02 2008 - 09:14:33
They started SELLING PC's*
terrorbyt3on February 09 2009 - 06:27:06
my idea on vista is if you don't have a good enough computer to support vista then your a fucking n00b its not that hard and you should have a good computer if you define yourself as a "hacker". Im not saying that there is better OS's its just you should at least be able to run vista Jesus...
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