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Flash webcam

Arrow Image How to include your webcam in a flash document

Hey, this is my first artical and its on creating flash documents which display your webcam, including pictures :D

1. Create a new flash document (easy enough)

2. Press Ctrl+L to open the library

3. Create a new video from the library menu
http://h1.ripway.. . .newvid.png

4. Make sure "Video (ActionScript-Controlled)" is ticked and leave it named as "Video 1"
http://h1.ripway.. . ./vidas.JPG

5. Click on the first frame on your timeline and drag the new "Video 1" icon from the library onto your stage

6. Select the video symbol on the stage and press Ctrl+F3 and enter a unique instance name, for now jsut name it vid_out
http://h1.ripway.. . .stance.JPG

7. Again click the first frame and press F9 and insert this code "vid_out.attachVideo(Camera.get());" that captures the active webcam
and displays in the window
http://h1.ripway.. . .s/code.JPG

8. Now thats it just press Ctrl+Enter to test your webcam

Thanks for reading, hope it works for you :p


johnjuan728on April 29 2007 - 21:38:06
yay way to go Jaggy and uhh.. w00t ^_^ first comment
spywareon April 29 2007 - 21:53:07
On some fora you get banned for comments like the one above. The article is quite, but accurate. Maybe you could comment on the used code?
spywareon April 29 2007 - 22:06:27
*quite short. Where's "the edit" if you need it :-/
wolfmankurdon April 30 2007 - 01:32:44
Spyware whats wrong with the above? lmao Nice to the point. Give syou exatly what it says on the tin (Y)
korgon April 30 2007 - 02:19:06
Nice to the point, Like the screenshots, Nice touch. The code simply adds a path for the cam. Don't say this often enough really liked itGrin 9/10
fluxcoderon November 17 2008 - 18:58:31
nice article, got 1 question: is it posible to use this in an .exe ( like in c++) that way you can use this in a trojan rite?
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