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Friday, April 18, 2014
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installing&updating XP myway

Arrow Image this will show you,how to slipstream your windows,and not have to connect to the internet to do it.

INSTALLING&UPDATING WINDOWS XP myway(licenced&pirated ones)

hi there people...

me myself,i am @computers for about 17,or 18 years now.
before i began using windows,when i was about 12 years old...
...i had this little commodore64...which i upgraded,to a commodore128.

nowadays,people have these high end pc\'s...lots of computing power...
loads of mb ram...
i hate this crappy system,for a few reasons:
when you buy a pc,the most money you spend,goes to M$,
because,there goes a WINDOWS cd with the pc.the problem with that shit is,
that you pay lot\'s of money,for a cd you don\'t even get to own :S are licenced,to use M$\'s crappy,full of holes,operating system.
anytime they please,they CAN revoke your licence,hence,they own it.
one reason that it\'s no open source is:that people won\'t find out,how hard they are getting
scammed by M$.

this pisses lots of people off...people pay a lot,
but don\'t really get their money\'s worth.

now for an example:

you buy this nice little windows pc...cost\'s lots of money,but when you get it,
you\'ll have a running windows xp system. :O so you place it in your computer room.
turn it on,and when it boots,you see,you need a shit load of updates. O_O
there are toooooo much uneeded,and exploitable services running...
we all know,that this system is@risk,bigtime from this point on.

ain\'t that nice,we bought a pc,and first thing we notice,is that we\'ve got loads of major
security issues :S and this is how we bought it remember?now,we\'ll try to fix this,
the M$ way.

automatic updates is,off course,turned on :S so,we go to the M$ update server...
with our non patched system,thus,with our filled with holes internet explorer...
now,the server starts to complain about genuine validation crap.... wants to communicate with our pc :S hmmmm...we have to let the server
do it\'s thing if we want to update,
according to microsoft... :S

we are,by the way on the internet for about 15minutes right now.our system,
stands out,because it is not patched and has tooo many running,unneeded services.
and probably,a malicious minded \"hacker\"(hmmmm...just1?),will already have spotted us.
making this a unwinnable race against time,seen the many updates we need,and to
get these,we need to be connected to the internet :S

i think,you people get the point right?we PAY and still are
pretty much screwed :S

the update process will take quite some time.long enough to break your windows into pieces,
believe me.
a windows installation,of mine,by test...didn\'t last 2 hours :D

how to handle this problem so we never have to update online again,&/or validate our xp:
(installing&updating myway)


before we re-install our system,we try to get as much security updates
as possible.we create a folder,put them in there.this is a one time job,i know it\'s no fun,
but we\'ll benefit from it,and every month,we just need to add a few update files.
we can download these manually @ M$ :p
a file will look like WindowsXP-KB911883-x86-ENU.exe
don\'t double click it.from now on,we will never ever do that again.
when we have all the updates we could find,we rename the files.
will become:
we make sure,we do that to all files,BUT:
NOT the anti malware thingy.we save that in another location.
NOT anyfile-v2.exe we leave the -v2 bit intact.
simple enough right?

now,we talk slipstreaming:
ever heard of it?
simply put,is it a way of installing these updates in the background,without ever needing to
reboot our pc,while in progress,we can still do whatever we were doing.
we can pull the plug from our modem when we update now :D
no more fresh installed,to be updated systems connected to the internet.HELLNO.


creating the com script for slipstreaming:
(this is just one example,there are many ways to do it)
we make a textfile with notepad or something,and put the following in it:

echo Installing Hotfixes Pls Wait
for %%U in (KB??????.exe) DO (

start /wait %%U /q /n /z )

@echo com script by darksun,
@echo slipstreaming finished...

save it as something.cmd
we put this,in the folder together with our renamed update files.
that folder should contain:
all our updates,the com script and perhaps a folder for other updates.not security related.

!take great care of this folder,it will be our golden update,for as long
!we use windows.back it up...rar it...whatever,don\'t loose it.
!preferably,burn it to a rewritable cd,without rar-/zipping it,so you can easily copy it to
!your c: drive,and access it,without any other programs.

3:(some people might skip step 3.)

don\'t have one?
download a windows installation cd from the internet.preferably,via bittorent.
make sure,it has a pirated licence key,which we can use to install the system. :D
burn it onto cd.make it bootable,Like an original windows installation cd.
make sure it works first.
now we\'re ready,to install the new system.


disconnect your pc from the modem,or router or whatever.


install your windows sytem.


after windows is installed,you navigate to the update directory
copy it to somewhere else if needed,or preferred,doubleclick the
com script,and we\'re off...

(i hope FFS the update DIR was burned onto a cd?it wasn\'t erased when we formatted was it?)

when we\'re done,we set automatic updates,to inform us,if there are new updates,but...
not to download them.
from now on,we download them ourselves and slipstream them into our windows.

copy your com script to a directory with the newly downloaded files,rename files,
doubleclick script.
when we\'re done,we copy the new files,into the main update directory,done.

i prefer to copy them to a re-writable disc,so you can update the update directory,
with new updates :D and,use that same update method on multiple xp pc\'s.
quite handy sometimes...i hope it benefits you xp users.




DigitalOutcaston October 22 2006 - 20:37:44
Nice article, I don't know much about the topic so I learned alot, and I agree windows sux for many of those reasons.
Raideron October 22 2006 - 22:43:24
Windows doesn't suck.
system_meltdownon October 23 2006 - 12:37:13
Gah, why does everyone bitch about windows and still use it?! IF YOU HATE IT THAT MUCH SWITCH TO SOMETHING ELSE, IT DOESN'T SUCK DAMMIT! IT HAS IT'S USES!
darksunon October 23 2006 - 16:45:04
I DON"T HATE THE SYSTEM ITSELF>I HATE THE WAY IT IS're being ripped,and you're justy smiling about it :S what's up with that? windows,itself,was NEVER DESIGNED TO GO ONLINE. xp is...but it's full of flaws. DO SOME RESEARCH,try to read between the lines. read up on history of certain things :S it has it uses,i agree.
dw0rekon October 29 2006 - 01:51:22
Good article! My m8 installed windows xp fresh after a format and the only site he visited was windows update page. Sure enough before the update was done his pc was no longer useable Pfft So indeed useable stuff in this article Smile
austinatoron August 01 2008 - 06:52:30
This is fucking annoying to read. LEARN SOME GRAMMAR!
austinatoron August 02 2008 - 09:20:43
The commas.Angry
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