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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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School Filter Bypassing

Arrow Image This is just a little collection's of method's ive discovered and learned about getting past school filter's and blocks.

Well the reason im writeing this is first of all in hope\'s that you find it useful. The reason i started gettin interested in crashing school firewalls and bypassing there filters is keyley because my school has this thing called \"DragonNet\" were we can have the school as our ISP for FREE. Unfortunately it has it\'s cost. It blocks all site\'s under categories such as, Hacking, Illegal, Pornagraphy, Violence, Profanity etc. Fortunately enough it didnt block good old HBH. But it did block site\'s like Hack4U and HackThisSite. So, I discovered my way to get around it. Then they upgraded to a completely diffrent filter etc. I got around it as well. So over time iv\'e learned several methods to bypass filters. Also i will share with some of you more amature to programming , what you can do if command Prompt is blocked on your computer. This can all be done from school (which i dont recommend) or if your school is your ISP from home. This also works with parental blocks too. Anyways so lets get to it.

Internet Blocks:
Method 1- All the methods in this are fairly simple this is probably one of the simplelest, use a google cache. Now this more likely won\'t work unless your school is completely dimwitted, but give it a try.

Method 2- Go to command prompt (if blocked then look at info on that below) You can then use the \"ping\" command to get the IP adress of the web site you wanna go to. example. ping . Then just put the IP adress in the area that you would normally put the URL in. Bang! your there! This may not work on all filter\'s but it does get around most. The first method i ever used that worked was this one.

Method 3- Use an Anonymizer and redirect yourself to the site you wanna go to. ex. . You just add that to the end of the URL of the site you wanna go to.

Method 4- A bit like method three. Make a page using PHP tthat read\'s the content from another page.
This PHP code is one ive used.

if (! ($f=fopen(\"<i>site<i>\".\"r\")))
exit (\"Unable to open file.\");
echo $x\"

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this article and get good use out of it. If not i failed my goal. Anyhow, please comment on it . Also if there are any mistakes comment on them or PM me. Thanks!


BluMooseon September 18 2006 - 01:06:34
U never explained how to get cmd prompt Pfft Other than that, not bad Wink
Arto_8000on September 18 2006 - 03:21:27
Well at my school, nothing is block Grin Also for cmd prompting, i'm wondering if ping is the same in Unix and Windows because at my school they are using Unix system and i have access to cmd promting.
godon September 18 2006 - 10:27:31
what about phpproxy and others like it ? you could add those...
godon September 18 2006 - 10:28:43
oh oh nvm these are like the php site reader thing.. except they're easier to use Pfft but adding a snippet of code made the article nicer Pfft
ppsyc0wzeon September 18 2006 - 16:08:57
you forgot to explain how to get a cmd prompt...i`ll do that for you..just write into notepad and save it as blah.bat
spywareon September 18 2006 - 16:21:27
Ahaa. I got another way: 1) Go to 2) In the searchbox fill in this: <iframe src="" height=1000 width=1000> 3) press OK Now you can surf in that Iframe and the school admin will only see the "etipost" url (at my school that is) Good article Smile
CrumHackeron September 18 2006 - 22:57:52
yeah, sorry noticed that too, i did forget to say, i have a diffrent method of making command prompt but you covered it, thanks for the comments guys, and spyware, nice, ill test that out and see if that works with this.
CrumHackeron September 18 2006 - 23:03:14
Oh, by the way,im not really sure about the unix thing, never tried on unix. Also someone asked how the keljobs thing works, say i was wanting to get to a site that was blocked... say hellbound or whatever ok so id put and thats how it would go into the addy bar. Just thought i,d clear that up.
AbSoRbon September 19 2006 - 16:57:05
When I try, a site with ads come up, and its says is for sale.... Good article by the way Smile
CrumHackeron September 20 2006 - 03:44:33
yeah, i probably made a mistake its not plural.Sorry try that.
closet haxzoron September 23 2006 - 16:31:53
Nice article. only one I diden't know about was method 4, quite clever. Another way is trying yahoo's cache also. and here is another annoymizer that might work. put "" before http:// ex: Smile
mr noobon October 14 2006 - 16:37:30
you didnt put anything about schools that use a proxy of their own to block sites, and check the url for instances of words like "hacker" and "porn". you can use to get round them ^^
johnjuan728on March 16 2007 - 22:36:07
well my schools about retarded so i dunno if thisll work for the rest of you but i just use and it bypasses the blocker then use vtunnel to view whatever page it was that you wanted to see
game_freakon March 04 2009 - 23:03:00
There is a reallly easy way to get past the school filter usually they don't block regedit as far as I've seen just follow this start>>run>>regedit>>hkey_local_machine>>software>>inernet explorer or fire fox>> find the file that ses filter or proxy click it once and press delete or shift+delete .. hope it works :happy:
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