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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Trashing, a complete guide!

Arrow Image My first article on a very powerful and usefull way to obtain information on your targets for hacking and social engineering...


Ive been wanting to write an article but couldnt think on what, then i randomly decided to
write one on the art of trashing, which is a bit ironic since ive never done it, but i know
people who have, and know a little bit about it, so i will try, hope its useful :P

Alot of people enjoy trashing, others hate it, but whatever you feel you cant deny the
conviniance and possible rewards it can give, here are some tips on the best ways to use this

Trashing is illegal, it is stealing in the eyes of the law, and often tresspass aswell, but
most times the police wouldnt do much with a simple excuse that you were recycling of
somthing, so dont worry to much, but closed sites where you have to climb over walls or
gates are differant, if you get caught the gaurds wont be happy to see you, be carefull.

Some stuff trashers look out for...
notepads, scrap notes and post its - these are great for finding things like phone numbers
passwords and ip's, plus give good information if you plan to infiltate and social engineer.
Floppy disks and CD's - who knows what valuable info could be on this kind of stuff
Shredded paper, office manuals and computer manuals - shredded paper can have a lot of info
on adresses, bank details and evan credit card numbers, and knowing what computers the company
are running is a great advantage when it comes to hacking, and the office manuls could help
to social engineer again.
Old machinery, cables, furniture - companys through out some good stuff somtimes, they get a
budget for new equipment, and very few would bother selling the old so fully operational compuers,
decant cabling and decant furniture can all be had this way.

Choosing your target...
some trashers look about for companys that are closing down, clearing out or updating, these will
often through out decant equipment, it is very possible to build a decant lan at home purley
on other company junk!
Or the trasher might have a set company in mind, a company they want to hack but needs more info on
passwords, hiarchy, the people and anything really, any info can be usefull.

How to trash...
Trashers prefer dumpsters that they can walk up tp on the street, or in a carpark, the ones they
dont like are behind locked gates, have guards, guard dogs, cameras or motion sensors, often
a trasher would return to the site many times hoping for an unlocked gate or somthing.
when you trash its importan not to leave any evidence that you where there, no damaged
locks or mess, because if this happens the company may well take som extra precautons on
their trash, and thats not what we want.

slightly damaged disks can easily be rescued with a bit of effort
memos will give good insite for social enginerring
manuals could be very usefull for knowing exactly what the company use, and sometimes
you could find a manula called somthing like 'firewall setup and debugging', do i need
to say how valuable that could be?
shredded document's are a must, it is easy to sort out, first sort by obviouse things like
font colour, paper colour, paper size and thickness, then just a little time spent joining them.
great information on clients can be found this way, bank details, account details, credit cards.

"Trashing" is a very common way for identity theifs and criminals to obtain information about you (as desribed above). To prevent against Trashing its vital you shredd or even burn important information you woudlnt want put into the wrong hands.

Espically large companies and schools, you should always without a doubt shredd senstive information. I think this article demonstrates how easy it is for anyone to obtain information.

Stay secure and never simply throw away sensitive documents!

Well thats about it, hope you find it usefull, and please rate and comment :D


no way bakon July 30 2006 - 00:36:44
hmm i thinkk there was already an article about this? http://www.hellbo. . .cle_id=220
hack4uon July 30 2006 - 01:28:04
im a trasher.. :ninja: ive gotten thrown out Ram about 1gb sticks.. printers.. video cards.. even a whole XPS dell computer. i :love: trashing
hack4uon July 30 2006 - 01:28:48
then of course i sell all those parts.. cuz my parents are loaded with tons of $$$$... heh lucky me huh? :right:
keiran420on July 30 2006 - 12:30:44
Yea, dont hurt to have two on it, javascript injection has like 10!, and so does a few other subjects. i might try trashing soon, see how good of a lan i can build! Pfft cheers for the ratings guys Smile
-The_Flash-on July 30 2006 - 23:51:51
haha i've always wanted to do this. just never had the urge to jump in a heap of trash Sad
Uber0non August 02 2006 - 09:17:38
Nice article and fun reading. I appreciate when something slightly different is posted Grin
DotHacker0on August 08 2006 - 06:19:16
Yay! Free computer parts!Grin
darkpyroSGon January 18 2009 - 23:04:27
sounds like somthing me and my crew used to do, well before some of them broke into a store and we got disbanned. but i advice making hand signals, and keep a stash of cloths, like if you get caught there gonna be looking for a group of kids/people wearing black, stash cloths that are differnt colors, and that arnt dark. and when you get caught dont go the the safe places all in a group, disban into 1's and 2's
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