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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Stegano 11 ONLY

Arrow Image Steg 11 help only

Some people couldnt get steg 11 so i decided to give a few hints.

Okay if you copy the picture to your desktop and right click go to properties you can see a short description of the image. Its in RGB. What does RGB stand for?


That means there are a few shades of RED GREEN AND BLUE in the image.

I know you can do it in photoshop. Look in the bottom corner at the layers toolbar. Theres a little tab labeled CHANNELS. The you can choose to look at the image only in red green or blue. Try one of the colors and see what you can find. If you look closely youll see words in the picture.

Then just mess around with colors and see if you can make it clearer.


Frozen Flameon May 21 2006 - 06:40:57
there are other ways to do this, ill have to give it a try tho. good job.
bl4ckc4ton May 21 2006 - 07:04:53
It worked. Woot! Thank you.
minermonkon May 21 2006 - 16:28:00
i worked this out by filtering colors out and then straining my eyes for a few hours
ksartoon May 24 2006 - 22:06:02
it works also if u use it in paint
Rhs_basketballeron May 26 2006 - 00:11:19
i found the message but it is kinda fuzzy and i cant quite make it out. anyone know how to clear it up?
ksartoon May 26 2006 - 02:00:44
well u can using an expesnive program lol......but just try to read each letter then just try guessin....idk thats kinda what i did...and it took me 2 times
master of puppetson July 09 2006 - 09:05:58
well the problem is the text, madness! thanks enyway (nvm this : brukt ster sterknings under blur)
Lazaruson September 13 2006 - 17:37:26
I did it in Macromedia FIreworks
loxaXcrackeron December 30 2007 - 00:38:08
its very hard to understand what is the word... but awesome article! Grin
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