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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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STEGANO CHALLENGES (Yeah, them all )

Arrow Image This is help on how to do all the steganography challenges. It may contain spoilers. (please rate it)

Ok, first of all you might want to know about stegano or steganography being it fully name. Steganography is just hiding information in images. It is like encrypting information that you don't want certain people to view but instead of it bring in binary or Hex its a picture. There are many different ways of hiding and finding this encryted information as you will hopefully come to understand in the following article...

Stegano 1
Well this one is a funny one. Try sticking your nose about an inch from the screen slightly above the image. I find its always a good place to think about what might be in a stegano message. Alternatively if you use paint and the paint bucket tool can something produce something ..

Stegano 2
Try opening this in a well know program which I'm near sure comes standard on every PC, n*t*P*d!!. Make sure your not wordwraping long sentences and pay attention to the <b>ends</b> of sentences.

Stegano 3
This is a very literal message to find! Concentrate on all that you can see in this picture. It's not really hidden, it's there, you just don't know it yet...

Stegano 4
This is all to do with were the punctuation is. Try fitting together words to make sentences and there you go.

Stegano 5
This was the hardest stegano challenge I my opinion that I have completed to date. You can use a very basic image program to do this challenge, P*i*t. It's quite small so you might want to do something about that ;). You might notice that there's only two colours in this picture, could you relate that to any computer lanuages with only two character in it, if you can then brilliant! Black and white, b*n*r*. Try replacing the colours with characters.

Stegano 6
Use the same method presented in stegano 2 to. Use common sense to sort out what you need and don't.

Stegano 7
This is much like stegano 4. It's all to do with the puntuation. I got throw'n off the right path of this one for a while because I considered it something to do with the circles and image in the background, it's not really.

Stegano 8
This is a very visual one. Just stare the crap out of it until you see something. And you will, but it may be harder if your colour blind. :(

Stegano 9
Well in other challenges you need to open it in a very basic program n*t*p*d, that won't work in this one unfortunately. You have to realise the type of file it is and the properties of this kind of file. Got it now! (

Stegano 10
I am using photoshop elements to do this but am sure you can use gimp and other programs. We try using the paint bucket tool to see if it highlights anything, but we are confronted with an error message, saying what we are trying to do isn't aloud on 16 bit pictures, it must be converted to an 8 bit image first. So we go to Image the Mode and select the 8-Bit option, now allowing us to use the bucket tool, but don't use iit yet. Just unfer the toolbars, change the Tolerance value to make it lower. Now, click on empty space around the outside. And Voila! Or if you have downlaoded Ifranview from Steg 9 than try using 5h1f7 + 5 !?!

Stegano 11
You may notice that the image is in RGB, (Red Green and Blue for whose who don't know) Try playig around with the channels so as to view the image without some of the colours. Look closely though!

Stegano 12
Ok, For this one downlaod the file, but don't open it. Try to use a method that finds information about a file without even clicking on it!

Stegano 13
Right, For this one downlaod the file, and open it, it's a WAVE file so windows media. Well you here some low pitched funny sound that is playing strangly. Well if we were to try and find the password in an image file we would use image editing software, so we need a wave editor for this one. Heres the one i used . Try playing the opposite way to the way you would normally, if you know what i mean. And its really low so you can change that if you want, i did't.

Stegano 14
Fianally, the last one!! ok, For this one downlaod the file, it's just a video. You need to look at the frames to see if you not notice something, the p*s*w*r*!! If it helps i made the screen viewing the video smaller so it was more defined but you have to keep it big enough so that oyu can read it.

Yeah!! You should now have all the staganography challenge done!! (hopefully)
This article was brought to you by you friendly nieghbourhood hacker ***tancurrom***

Don't forget to rate it please! :D:D


Zeyphieron May 20 2006 - 10:10:11
you said "Yeah!! You should now have all the staganography challenge done!!" lies!! Stegano 11 Sorry havent done this one good none the less
tancurromon May 20 2006 - 10:59:15
Sorry, should have that one done in soon Smile
system_meltdownon May 20 2006 - 13:39:37
I edited the title for now
tancurromon May 20 2006 - 14:08:10
Thanks system!
system_meltdownon May 20 2006 - 14:20:44
No problem Wink
6340on May 20 2006 - 22:09:15
lol good article. Unfortunately, i've done all but 11, so it wasn't much help to me. But yeah i'm sure a lot of ppl will find this helpful.
tancurromon May 20 2006 - 22:18:58
Thanks! lol. I'll try do it and get it updated for ya!:Smile
korgon May 21 2006 - 02:52:43
Another repeat article all these challenges have been covered let's get something new.Are people reading articles then writing there own?
tancurromon May 21 2006 - 12:25:15
I'm just tryin to contribute to HBH!
xizkon May 21 2006 - 15:38:05
just a note... for stegano 10: if you have Irfanview, all you have to do is copy the image and increase the sharpness with shift-S. but I really like your article.
tancurromon May 21 2006 - 20:04:00
Cool Thank's. That's a neat way of doing it!
Neon_wingon July 03 2006 - 21:46:59
5h1f7 + 5 !?! neat way of hiding an other wise obvious spoilor Pfft this gave me around 6 seconds of pause before i worked out wat it ment. a nice touch in an overall great article
tancurromon July 24 2006 - 19:48:22
some people dont actually get what that is though Pfft Have have been contacted on what the hell that is ^^
Pheonixon September 14 2006 - 20:42:35
Thank you very much for writing this great article on stegono, it really helped a lot
tancurromon October 07 2006 - 20:20:36
glad to see it helped, hope you like the sig to xD
tancurromon November 30 2006 - 22:23:26
again its brilliant that it helped uses!
spywareon May 16 2007 - 20:05:41
lmao acid is such a nooblette here xD. Luckily your brain didn't advance..
LiquidMetalon October 22 2008 - 17:02:39
good stuff man.:ninja:
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