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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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app 9

Arrow Image cracking app 9

TheGreatOne2176\'s guide to app 9

its supposed to be a keygen me but who cares lets crack it!

ok first we open in olly and check strings and we see the good and bad message. we then follow this in the disassembler.

i ran the program and entered \"tgo\" and \"test\" and hit the button and it gave me the sorry message .. so while the proggie is still running we look by our messages. we see

0040140C |. BF 16314000 MOV EDI,crackme1.00403116 ; ASCII \"F719852F\"
00401411 |. BE FD304000 MOV ESI,crackme1.004030FD ; ASCII \"test\"

so edi is the good serial and esi is our entered, so we can just copy and paste F719852F into the proggie and crack it or we can have fun with it

so lets terminate the prog and restart it in olly.

now on those two lines from before lets change
MOV ESI,crackme1.004030FD
MOV ESI,crackme1.00403116

now as you can tell 00403116 is where the password is loaded from so we can enter any pass even a blank one because its never being moved or compared.

this is just two ways to crack it im sure theres more


drew_m_noelon July 22 2006 - 22:46:35
Get rid of part of this, it tells you the answer!AngryAngry
Syntaxeon May 19 2008 - 21:31:01
this was kind of an spoiler :angry:
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