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Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. - Winston Churchill
Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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When you are this smart they call you MR

Arrow Image This is a talk in IRC ( #hbh) that I had with a guy.

[11:53] * Rhapsody ([email protected]) has joined #hbh
[11:55] <Rhapsody> hail
[12:04] <Aldarhawk> hello Rhapsody
[12:05] <Rhapsody> wht r u guys specialsed in
[12:06] <Rhapsody> i`m carder, i cash out shit
[12:06] <Rhapsody> :))
[12:18] <Aldarhawk> I am a security officer/Admin
[12:19] <Rhapsody> security officer :o
[12:19] <Rhapsody> i am a thief :))
[12:20] * Aldarhawk shakes head
[12:20] <Rhapsody> i use other peoples credit cards for my own profit
[12:20] <Aldarhawk> pathetic
[12:20] <Rhapsody> i know
[12:20] <Rhapsody> this may not be very moral
[12:20] <Rhapsody> or christian
[12:20] <Aldarhawk> if you acctually know then you would stop
[12:21] <Rhapsody> hmm
[12:21] <Aldarhawk> Christian Schmistian.
[12:21] <Rhapsody> looks like i came to the wrong place
[12:21] * lunatic ([email protected] has joined #hbh
[12:21] <Rhapsody> i was looking for people doing the same shit as me
[12:21] <lunatic> hi
[12:21] <Aldarhawk> what being an SK?
[12:22] <Aldarhawk> you are a disgrace to hackers Rhapsody
[12:22] <Rhapsody> what is SK ?
[12:22] <Aldarhawk> heya lunatic
[12:22] <Aldarhawk> lol
[12:22] <Rhapsody> i didnt say that i was a hacker
[12:22] <Aldarhawk> if you do not even know what an SK is then you are REALLY in the wrong place man
[12:22] <Rhapsody> i understand no shit in computers
[12:23] <Rhapsody> i am a carder
[12:23] <Aldarhawk> why are you here then? this is a HACKERS site
[12:23] <Rhapsody> this is a bit diferent
[12:23] <Aldarhawk> I know WTF a carder is Rhapsody
[12:23] <Aldarhawk> I am not dense
[12:23] <Aldarhawk> but you ARE a dunce
[12:24] <Rhapsody> i didnt insult u man
[12:24] <Aldarhawk> yes you did
[12:24] <Aldarhawk> by coming in here asking about carding you insulted me
[12:24] <Rhapsody> ok i am sorry then
[12:25] <Aldarhawk> think before you talk Rhapsody. asking in a Hacking tutrial site about carding is like walking up to a police officer and saying \"Hey PIGGY you smell like bacon\"
[12:26] <Rhapsody> r u trying to tell me that hacker never do anything for they own profit ? or dont use other ppls credit cards ?
[12:27] <Aldarhawk> I am saying that ppl like you disgust me
[12:27] <Aldarhawk> IF you want to earn money learn how to use a computer. DO some work. do not steal it from other people.
[12:28] <Rhapsody> those other people are insured !
[12:28] <Aldarhawk> I do not car
[12:28] <Aldarhawk> care
[12:28] <Rhapsody> and they have enought money they wont ruin be sure
[12:28] <Aldarhawk> doing this MAKEs the insurance a needed thing thus driving costs up
[12:29] <Aldarhawk> would you walk into a store and steal an XBox? or a Playstation 2?
[12:29] <Rhapsody> sure not i am not that dumb
[12:30] <Aldarhawk> yet you steal $$ from people?
[12:30] <Aldarhawk> you are contradicting yourself
[12:30] <Rhapsody> Aldarhawk u sound like some 43 old saint
[12:30] <Aldarhawk> lmfao
[12:30] <Aldarhawk> no just a hard working person who EARNS the money I spend
[12:31] <Rhapsody> online stealing is safe
[12:31] <Rhapsody> i never worked in my life
[12:31] <Aldarhawk> really?
[12:31] <Aldarhawk> you are funny man\\
[12:31] <Rhapsody> and i get enought from what i do
[12:31] <Aldarhawk> that is like saying MD5 is unencryptable
[12:31] <Aldarhawk> undecryptable
[12:31] <Aldarhawk> typo
[12:32] <Aldarhawk> MD5 has a 1 in 340 decillion chance of having a duplicate code. It is not that hard to crack
[12:33] <Rhapsody> i don`t care
[12:34] <Aldarhawk> you CAN get caught and if you come in here talking about this shit you will get caught
[12:34] <Rhapsody> i wont
[12:34] <Aldarhawk> you stated yourself that you know shit about computers. so you have not masked your IP
[12:34] <Rhapsody> do u know why ?
[12:34] <Aldarhawk> you are 100% tracable
[12:34] <Rhapsody> i dont leave in the f**** america
[12:34] <Rhapsody> i dont live in the f**** america
[12:34] <Aldarhawk> so what
[12:35] <Aldarhawk> just cause you do not live in USA means you are free to do what the hell you want?
[12:35] <Rhapsody> yes
[12:35] <Rhapsody> total anarchy in here
[12:35] <Aldarhawk> really
[12:35] <Rhapsody> nobody w`d care about me
[12:35] <Rhapsody> hell yes
[12:35] * cubeman372 ([email protected]) has joined #hbh
[12:35] <Aldarhawk> lmao you make me laugh Rhapsody
[12:35] <cubeman372> hmmmm
[12:36] <Rhapsody> :))
[12:37] <Aldarhawk> you are 100 % traceable. I know where you are from now I just look a little deeper to get where you are really :P
[12:37] <Rhapsody> i know about it
[12:37] <Aldarhawk> you live in UA-Ukraine
[12:37] <Rhapsody> it doesn really worry me
[12:37] <Rhapsody> yes
[12:37] <Rhapsody> so wht :)
[12:37] <Rhapsody>
[12:38] <Aldarhawk> Commonwealth of Independent States
[12:38] <Aldarhawk> 49.8333 Latitude, 24 Longitude
[12:38] * Zombie ([email protected]) has joined #hbh
[12:38] <Zombie> hi
[12:38] <cubeman372> hi
[12:39] <cubeman372> how are you?
[12:39] <Zombie> first time here
[12:39] <cubeman372> oh
[12:39] <Zombie> fine
[12:39] <cubeman372> greetz
[12:39] <Zombie> are y alone here
[12:39] <cubeman372> welcome
[12:39] <Zombie> thanks
[12:39] <cubeman372> we are really friendly
[12:39] <Zombie> should be
[12:39] <Aldarhawk> except to people like Rhapsody
[12:39] <Zombie> ?
[12:39] <cubeman372> we don\'t bite
[12:39] * cubeman372 bites Zombie
[12:39] <cubeman372> :p
[12:40] <cubeman372> mmm delicious
[12:40] <Zombie> that hurts
[12:40] <cubeman372> lol
[12:40] <Aldarhawk> Zombie you from Jordan?
[12:40] <Zombie> yes
[12:40] <Aldarhawk> :P
[12:40] * Aldarhawk is a god
[12:40] <Aldarhawk> at the Applied Science University?
[12:40] <cubeman372> no he isn\'t
[12:40] <Zombie> ?
[12:41] <cubeman372> Aldar isn\'t god
[12:41] <Aldarhawk> no but I am atleast Demi-God :P
[12:41] <cubeman372> he\'s as mean as the devil :p
[12:41] * Zombie ([email protected]) has left #hbh
[12:41] <Aldarhawk> only to jerks
[12:41] <cubeman372> well at 4th i rankigs I suppose so
[12:41] <cubeman372> awww he left
[12:41] <Rhapsody> Aldarhawk u could be smarter, u may have some security/computer knowledge, but u really sound like u luck of self esteem and especially inteligence
[12:41] <Aldarhawk> 5th
[12:41] <Rhapsody> pity ..
[12:41] <cubeman372> 5th wtf
[12:41] <Aldarhawk> lmfao
[12:42] <cubeman372> you were 4th 5 mins ago
[12:42] <Aldarhawk> you think I lack intelligence yet you are the one talking about stealing in a public room with you IP adress clearly showing?
[12:42] <Rhapsody> i bet u`ll spend you whole life working for the gratification of others and never realise what is really important
[12:42] <Rhapsody> in this life
[12:43] <Aldarhawk> and what is that oh intelligent one?
[12:43] <cubeman372> yea?
[12:43] <cubeman372> what is it
[12:44] * cubeman372 cubeman372 chimes in not knowing what is going on
[12:44] <Rhapsody> Aldarhawk definetly not you
[12:44] <cubeman372> :\\
[12:45] <Aldarhawk> i bet u`ll spend you whole life working for the gratification of others and never realise what is really important in this life. Quoted from you
[12:45] <cubeman372> remember Aldarhawk is a black belt in origami
[12:45] <cubeman372> he\'ll kick your ass
[12:45] <Aldarhawk> lol I suck at Origami
[12:45] <Aldarhawk> now spit balls! lmao
[12:45] <cubeman372> I\'d rather not
[12:46] <cubeman372> wow this channel is very lively NOT!
[12:46] <Aldarhawk> now Rhapsody...what is this all important thing in life you are talking about
[12:46] <Aldarhawk> I would really like to hear what it is
[12:48] <Aldarhawk> unless you have lost all your spunk and so not know what you are actually talking about
[12:48] <cubeman372> he\'ll be awhile Aldar
[12:48] <Aldarhawk> lol
[12:48] * Aldarhawk waits for the 2 word response from Rhapsody
[12:48] <Aldarhawk> BTW the meaning of Life is 42
[12:49] <cubeman372> not to sure my calculator said it was the cosine of 90
[12:49] <Rhapsody> lol
[12:49] <Aldarhawk> wow this better be a damn good response...pushing 6 mins
[12:49] <cubeman372> hehe
[12:50] <cubeman372> I think Rhapsody has the IQ of the cosine of90
[12:50] <Rhapsody> Aldarhawk you are stupid fuck if u want it in boring everydays words
[12:50] <cubeman372> ...
[12:50] <Rhapsody> Aldarhawk you are a stupid fuck if u want it in boring everydays words
[12:50] <Rhapsody> :)
[12:50] <cubeman372> drum roll please
[12:51] <Aldarhawk> please give it to me in boring every day words Rhapsody
[12:51] <Rhapsody> please don`t call the cops
[12:51] <Aldarhawk> you are not Jakob Two Two
[12:51] <Rhapsody> and don`t tell then i`m from ukraine
[12:51] <Rhapsody> ok ?
[12:51] <Rhapsody> hihi
[12:51] <Aldarhawk> just fucking answer my question
[12:52] <cubeman372> cut to the chase : get to the point : lose the blah
[12:52] <cubeman372> WE WANT THE NEWS NOT THE WEATHER!
[12:54] <cubeman372> dud3 7h15 guy 15 l1k3 700 3l173 70 7yp3! 1\'m 0ff f0r 4 c0ff33 :)
[12:57] <Aldarhawk> I am a stupid fuck yet you cannot even back your own words up? I think you need to re think what you say
[12:58] <Rhapsody> well i recognise that my english is not brillant
[12:58] <Rhapsody> it is not my fault
[12:58] <Rhapsody> that i wasnt born in the fucking america
[12:59] <Aldarhawk> nor was I
[12:59] <Aldarhawk> please give it to me in boring every day workds
[13:00] <Rhapsody> yes i`d gladly give it to you from behind if i could u moron
[13:00] <Rhapsody> Transfer Money
[13:00] <Rhapsody> Change Contact Details
[13:00] <Rhapsody> All Payment Options
[13:00] <Rhapsody> Order Cheque Book
[13:00] <Rhapsody> Order Paying-in Book
[13:00] <Rhapsody> Denise Fraser 27 April 2006
[13:00] <Rhapsody> Online Banking : Log out
[13:00] <Rhapsody>
[13:00] <Rhapsody> :))
[13:01] <Rhapsody> too much dumb, ugly, stupid people in this planet,
[13:01] <Rhapsody> Aldarhawk
[13:01] <Aldarhawk> and you are one of them
[13:02] <Rhapsody> what about u in the first place
[13:03] <Aldarhawk> lol
[13:04] <Aldarhawk> yes I know I am in the first place for intelligence in this room but we are talking about what is important in life
[13:04] * lunatic ([email protected]) Quit (Quit)
[13:04] <Aldarhawk> not stupid people
[13:06] <Aldarhawk> Please enlighten me into the \"important things in this life\"
[13:07] <Aldarhawk> come now ohh Guru of Carding...enlighten us \"lesser\" folks
[13:07] <Rhapsody> loool
[13:07] <Rhapsody> fuck off man
[13:08] <Aldarhawk> no
[13:08] <Aldarhawk> I want to to back up what you are saying
[13:08] <Aldarhawk> that is all
[13:08] <Rhapsody> to to
[13:08] <Rhapsody> looooooool
[13:08] * cubeman372 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[13:08] <Rhapsody> i have the feeling that u spend too much time here dude
[13:09] <Aldarhawk> why?
[13:09] <Aldarhawk> cause I actually want you to prove me wrong...prove that you calling me stupid is legitamate? please
[13:09] <Rhapsody> well
[13:09] <Rhapsody> okey
[13:10] * Aldarhawk listens close
[13:10] <Rhapsody> if u were interligent u wont even talk to me or even be here ;)
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> why do you say that?
[13:10] <Rhapsody> haha
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> back up what you say
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> I can say a lot of shit
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> I am god
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> I am super human
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> I can jump off a 50 storey building and survive
[13:10] <Aldarhawk> I am Superman
[13:11] <Rhapsody> lool
[13:11] <Aldarhawk> all of this is BullShit unless I can back my self up
[13:11] <Rhapsody> are you ok ?
[13:11] <Aldarhawk> now back your self up or STFU
[13:11] <Rhapsody> wht the hell are talking about
[13:11] <Aldarhawk> [12:42] <Rhapsody> i bet u`ll spend you whole life working for the gratification of others and never realise what is really important
[13:11] <Aldarhawk> [12:42] <Rhapsody> in this life
[13:11] <Aldarhawk> THAT is what I am talking about
[13:11] <Aldarhawk> back up what you are saying of Fuck off
[13:12] <Rhapsody> well damn it
[13:12] <Rhapsody> if u understood russian
[13:12] <Rhapsody> im sure i would convice you
[13:12] <Rhapsody> :)
[13:12] <Aldarhawk> go ahead. my aunt is russian
[13:13] <Aldarhawk> I am sure I can figure it out. translators are easy to come by you know
[13:13] <Aldarhawk> give it to me in Russian ohh powerful \'carder\'
[13:14] <Rhapsody> man u sould silly
[13:14] <Rhapsody> stop talking like that
[13:14] <Rhapsody> :)
[13:14] <Aldarhawk> I sound silly?
[13:14] <Rhapsody> yes
[13:14] <Aldarhawk> at least I back up what I say
[13:15] <Aldarhawk> you are starting to seem more and more dumb with ech passing second
[13:15] <Rhapsody> man if was to be the dumb
[13:15] <Rhapsody> u would probably be the dumberer
[13:16] <Aldarhawk> lmao
[13:16] <Aldarhawk> you are making me smile I will give you that. now please back up what you are saying
[13:16] <Rhapsody> ok lol
[13:16] <Rhapsody> i was glad to talk to you dude
[13:16] <Rhapsody> i`m off
[13:16] <Rhapsody> take care
[13:16] <Rhapsody> really
[13:16] <Aldarhawk> proving yourself stupid
[13:17] <Aldarhawk> you cannot back yourself up so you leave
[13:17] <Rhapsody> no really i have to leave
[13:17] <Aldarhawk> I have more intellect in my toe than you have in your head
[13:17] <Aldarhawk> so enjoy \'carding\'
[13:17] <Rhapsody> i doubt it man
[13:18] <Aldarhawk> yet you cannot back yourself up in half an hour
[13:18] <Rhapsody> u sound dumber than my keyboard
[13:18] <Rhapsody> anyway
[13:18] <Rhapsody> cya
[13:18] * Rhapsody ([email protected]) Quit (Quit)
[13:18] <Aldarhawk> really? wow your keyboard must be one of those uber sexy ones


system_meltdownon April 27 2006 - 20:15:13
the_flashon April 27 2006 - 20:32:22
bl4ckc4ton April 27 2006 - 20:54:37
lol, I hate idiots.
chislamon April 27 2006 - 20:58:24
that guy is an idiot omg lol
godon April 27 2006 - 21:13:49
coolage B) ***[12:40] * Aldarhawk is a god **** that's an insult!! back yourself up!! Pfft
cubeman372on April 27 2006 - 21:57:52
I like the way Aldar quotes Rhapsody, to Rhapsody!Grin
SwiftNomadon April 28 2006 - 00:03:57
wow- what a fag..
AldarHawkon April 28 2006 - 00:42:56
his IP is as stated on line 1 of the article
Frozen Flameon April 28 2006 - 04:11:54
[13:00] <Rhapsody> yes i`d gladly give it to you from behind if i could u moron
insane_phreakon April 28 2006 - 05:29:09
The_Cellon April 28 2006 - 19:34:16
lol what a lmoa Pfft Some people try everything Grin
-Intrus-on August 22 2006 - 12:50:13
funny convo , you were in it for a long time :-P
dontspitonmeon September 25 2006 - 01:29:54
hahahahahahahahaha great stuff u have here. thanx for sharing Smile
mr noobon October 04 2006 - 16:55:09
lol btw his names Alexander Remiga.... [email protected] genuine WHOIS details
UnknownFromHellon February 21 2007 - 14:32:36
Plz Post This In The Jokes Section...LMAO
richohealeyon February 26 2007 - 14:40:10
lol, i'm so tempted to call the cops for shits and giggles. who has an email for the ukrainain police. **is too lazy to google**
kryptokronon March 20 2009 - 13:22:29
you could tell he was squirming when you were telling him where he lives XD. not to mention the bipolarness. man you are so dumb.. it is anarchy here nobody cares what i do so what you know where i live please dont call the cops on me id gladly give it to you from behind you moron..... what? XD. thats like 6 different emotions.. in 10 minutes!.. and then he posts up someones bank information? if i were you i wouldve looked that guy up and been like "this guy here is going to try to steal your money. he lives at exactly XXXXXXXX" and leave him to do what he pleases.
Mtutnidon October 18 2010 - 15:59:09
93% awesome, even if all votes are awesome. strange. You had his IP you knew where he lives someone posted his name here? Why didn't you hunt him down and kill him?
ellipsison March 24 2012 - 04:26:03
Actually, he seemed like an undercover investigator putting on a front. They do this sort of stuff all of the time. It's a way to make their victim seem superior so that they'll reveal things easier than if they were to be trampled by someone with much greater organization and overall intellect. It's like dumbing down so you can gain their confidence. Give them something to play with and keep them occupied with... Social engineering.
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