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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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How to put movies into your sigs/desktops/etc.

Arrow Image a tut on how to implant movies into your sigs

ok just for those of you who will ask me what program i used, i used PS7 image ready/ PS7

ok that being said there are a few things you are going to need to know.
1. this will be an animated gif file so save it as one!!!!!
2. this file will be rather large depending on how much movie you wish to put in
3. you will need a media player that will alow you to progress frame by frame though your movie (i used quicktime)
4. basic knowledge of ps7 or higher (i also have ps cs and if you know anything about ps you will be able to aply this tut)

that being said to the point

so find a movie you like ( i chose jarhead)

and pause the movie on the frame you wish to start your animation on

note: IF you want to put a backround behind this animation make sure you prepare it before hand.

now posision the window in a place where you can see the entire movie

take a screenshot. now bring up PS and click edit-paste. now minimize PS and move to the next frame of your movie and repeat the copy paste procedure until you are at the spot where you wish to end.

ok i am assuming since you have read this far you know what you are doing and have had no trouble, if i am wrong reread everything and if you
are still having trouble pm me or drop a coment.

ok so crop the top frame down to the point at wich the movie part is, this is to get rid of the unwanted parts ie desktop.

now if you aren\'t already in image ready click the button on the bottom of the \"tools\" toolbar and once there click make frames from layers. if your having trouble figuring thid part out i have been thoughtfull enough to provide a picture.

now all you have to do is change the optimized version into a gif file and save as optimized and there you go.

i hope this wasn\'t to hard to understand and helped those who were looking for a tut like this.

oh and by the way this in now way ripped from anyones tuts i created this tut by myself and in no way give anyone permission to use any part or the whole docu<i></i>ment. thank you for your time.

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