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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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How to Hack in Net Cafe.txt

Arrow Image Check this out!!!

Okay hi again...
This tutorial is to learn how to open a closed pc in a net cafe...
ok all net cafe has some kind of program like cafe agent or some net administration tool...(looks like a trojan)
This tool allow a computer that has the program-client to remote control another computer in a network... in our case usually lan(local area network)
first you must see how secure is this ok first go with Ctrl+alt+Del perhaps task manager will appear or some panel...
If you see task manager find the application that controls you and terminate it...
or log off...
If you log off you can see the username of the user that is currently running...
Ok now for more secure net cafe
Do a restart and press F8 continiously before windows boot...
you will go to a menu then select safe mode... and boot
now you are in...
you can copy the files c:/windows/repair/sam and c:/windows/repair/system on a disk
sam:holds the account passwords(encrypted)
system:has the key algorithm that is used to crack the hashes
then go to your home pc download a sam crack tool recomend(saminside) and crack the administrator password...
Go to the next cafe do some log off(by safe mode or Ctrl+alt+Del) and log in as admin change the pass and you got root...
Keep Learning...

By akuma


Neo_Chalchuson February 01 2006 - 23:52:49
A little easy to figure out, nothing ground-breakingly hard to work out....but for those who don't think, nice article. could use a little length, bet then look at my articles...I'm no one to talk about length.
wolfmankurdon February 02 2006 - 00:18:23
ROFL "I'm no one to talk about length." HAHAHAHHA!!!
Nubzzzon February 02 2006 - 02:43:49
nice article i give it 8/10
Xer0Xon February 02 2006 - 03:02:32
Not to be OCD or anything... but root is non existant on Windows systems. it's Administrator. Other than that, not bad.
akumalolon February 02 2006 - 07:44:54
yeah by the term root i say that you are admin... Smile
Xer0Xon February 02 2006 - 11:35:52
Yep Smile It's just a common thing, no problem, just mentioning it.
godon February 02 2006 - 13:53:41
I dont see how the length of an article determines its importance :S nice article btw Smile
godon February 02 2006 - 13:53:56
lozbritt8on January 07 2007 - 18:19:59
deathaliveon September 25 2007 - 13:19:29
Well, change pass after discovering it? Isn't more simple to just reboot in safe mode, login as Administrator with no pass (it functions sometimes) and then use command net users Administrator newpass Q? Then you can log in as Administrator with password newpass ;-)
thetrojan01on September 14 2008 - 16:29:20
w00t! Smile
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