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Friday, October 23, 2020
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Realistic 4

Arrow Image I know loads of people are stuck so this may help

Ok this one is kinda hard at first but once you know where you need to be it's simple.

Part one: Finding directories
If you look in the source of the main page you should notice that if you submit your e-mail address it takes you to a file named mail.html, so let's submit our e-mail (you can type anything) you shoul notice it goes straight to an error page. Now if you have firefox what you can do is in the URL bar enter "view-source:http://the site" with no quotes. Now you should see where it takes you and you should also see a directory called /m*i*/ go there.

Part two: Logging in,
Now when you are in the directory called /m*i*/ you should see a link to a login page, but instead we want to view the source of the page we're in. So view it already! Now in the source you should see an admin login, now instead of going there we login as Drake in the members login and view the files in there.

Part three: Trying things,
Now we know what files are available in the users page try them in after the admin login page and voila we can view things without admin permissions! Now we need to remove Ghost's record so look around and see how to get to the records, try using "all.php" found them? Then lets move on.

Part four: Removing Ghost's record
Now if you know the basics of php you will find this kind of easy, so we know where the records are now right? Goooood now we need to remove them so try things on the lines of all.php?(action)=(thing)&&id=(something) and remember we're trying to remove _one_ record not loads of records. If you manage to remove his record you will get a password, we will need this soon.

Part five: Clearing logs,
Now if you've already found the log clearing from that's what you need the password for ;) but if not try and think what it could be if the records were in "all.php?id=records" think logs not reocrds this time. Found it? GOOD! Now we enter the pass and get our points w00t w00t!


Rasteron December 30 2005 - 00:39:22
Thank you very much! This has gotten me alot closer to completing this mission. Now I just gt to figure out what the clear record variable is.
DeatoXon December 30 2005 - 02:24:57
Nice article
FlaKeon December 30 2005 - 10:32:23
yeha... at last... no more worries on real 4.... B)
godon December 30 2005 - 10:33:21
"all.php?(action)=(thing)&id=(something)" this is still killing me! though it seems really simple!! i'll google it..
system_meltdownon December 30 2005 - 12:52:57
Yeah sorry it should be && not just one &, I've corrected it now
system_meltdownon December 30 2005 - 13:06:40
Can someone rate it?
godon December 30 2005 - 13:28:58
your god answered your prayers and gave u a pie
system_meltdownon December 30 2005 - 16:11:35
That pie was the w00tness
godon December 30 2005 - 16:13:48
amen lolB)
system_meltdownon December 30 2005 - 16:31:12
Larikaon February 05 2006 - 22:08:46
Great. This article and system_meltdown helped me to beat the mission. Thank you very very muchGrin
system_meltdownon March 11 2006 - 12:40:15
Thank you for your positive comments people Grin
2eXtremeon June 10 2006 - 03:12:12
this is the best article i read for a mission, it helped me through the last bit, i was applying a remove command to a logs page lol!
pyrodude0303on June 10 2006 - 04:27:34
This is a great article, after i looked at it i got it and then completed onto real 5
Forw4rd_lordon July 23 2006 - 23:30:03
/real4/main/Tlogin/all.php?remove=_ghost_record&&id=records Whay this don't work?!? help!
R3M0T3 H4CK3Ron September 23 2006 - 09:58:45
i need help, im trying but it isnt working? can someone ps help
mobeenon October 01 2006 - 21:51:59
Very impressive. Thank you. Grin
I-O-W-Aon October 10 2006 - 21:27:55
Nice Artical Dude Got Me Thru The Mission With (Almost) No Problems
Zarrayon January 01 2007 - 12:35:35
im stuck on the action=...
JohnDoeon February 18 2007 - 21:58:56
This article roxxorz :evil:
TotcoSon March 22 2007 - 20:29:45
I've tried all possible actions and I've come to the conclusion that the challenge might be down?
thinkinsteinon October 23 2007 - 12:44:06
thanks ..article helped me till step 3..
SaMTHGon May 17 2008 - 18:38:25
Great article without this I probably wouldn't have been able to do it(or it would have taken me aaagggeeess)absolutly amazing!!!GrinSmile
god_peeton July 09 2008 - 22:34:27
Awesome article man =)
breakDanceon September 11 2008 - 06:34:30
i'm stuck on part 5..anyway..this articel help me a lot..thanx..hehehe..Grin
breakDanceon September 11 2008 - 06:38:24
finally..i beat this challenge..:happy:
thetrojan01on April 22 2009 - 09:37:29
what's the difference of 'page.php?q=25&id=1' and 'page.php?q=25&&id=1' ? Shock
thetrojan01on April 22 2009 - 09:37:54
what's the difference of 'page.php?q=25&id=1' and 'page.php?q=25&&id=1' ? Shock
thetrojan01on April 22 2009 - 11:10:02
Finally got that right, but can anyone PM me to answer me the question i've made before this post?
kingasmkon November 03 2011 - 05:54:21
Great One it helps me so much Thanks but can any one tell me what kind of vulnerability is it??
Hellow533on June 03 2012 - 01:05:50
Most of you are having problems, instead of ?remove=Ghost&&id=records try ?r******=r*****e&&id=Ghost It really should be all.php?(thing)=(action)&&id=(someone) Get it yet? (Hope there weren't too many spoilers)
nn3nn0on November 04 2012 - 04:17:50
Hellow533, too many spoilers jejeje thxs
Lemminkon February 07 2013 - 15:34:05
"trying to remove _one_ record not loads of records." I should not have spent so much of my time not figuring out this line. !:ninja:
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