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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Getting IP addresses through MSN

Arrow Image It will teach you how to get the IPs of your friends on MSN.

Ok this is my first article so be nice lol, it will teach you how to get the IPs of your friends on MSN.

First we want to load MSN Messenger and sign in...

Then see which of your contacts are online...

Send someone a message saying "Check this out" or something similar.

Open up command prompt and type "netstat" to view the open connections.

Send the person the file then go back to command prompt and type "netstat" again.

You should notice there is a new connection, this will be the hostname of your friend/enemy.

Okay we need to copy that so right click and click mark, then with the mouse click and drag across the hostname and click enter to copy.

Then we need to type "nslookup" in command prompt and them paste the hostname, which should end up giving you the IP

By system_meltdown


system_meltdownon December 29 2005 - 20:53:12
By the way I know most people know this but nevermind
godon December 29 2005 - 21:31:47
does this still work ? I think the new system doesnt give direct connections..
system_meltdownon December 29 2005 - 21:39:32
It worked for me, I videoed it too
godon December 29 2005 - 22:59:22
oh hehe ok Smile i was just asking...
Xer0Xon January 01 2006 - 08:46:54
This is a pretty good article, short, simple, easily explained, and to the point. Good job s_m Wink
system_meltdownon January 08 2006 - 17:38:32
Grin thanks Xer0X Wink
knutraineron January 09 2006 - 03:34:27
This works on yahoo also.
system_meltdownon January 13 2006 - 02:02:39
w00tness lol
Kaion January 16 2006 - 21:28:08
Just try netstat -n Gives ip straight away..
Setropon January 17 2006 - 01:42:18
my command prompt closes in like a milisecond :s i see the data appearing but the window closes to fast to actualy read it... can someone help me?
Kekkeon January 21 2006 - 11:33:30
Setrop start command first then type nestat -an
H-oLm35on May 23 2006 - 13:15:49
does MS use proxyes with MSN Live (MSN 8)? I think I have them Shock
system_meltdownon July 05 2006 - 16:51:57
[center][img][mail][u]i[b]/strong. . .[/mail][/img]
system_meltdownon August 07 2006 - 00:07:36
Intocksifyon January 28 2007 - 19:10:23
Setrop - when you run batch commands directly from the start-->run dialog, it runs in the same way a batch file would - executing the command then closing. Type CMD or Command (depends on what version of windows ur using) THEN type in the command
codefreekon November 10 2007 - 06:26:16
or you can do ping on the hostname that would give you the ip, example like this.. Host name: (Test).. then just ping and then it should show.. peace.. ty for the tut.. keep up the good work WinkB)
codefreekon November 10 2007 - 06:30:28
or you can do ping on the hostname that would give you the ip, example like this.. Host name: (Test).. then just ping and then it should show.. peace.. ty for the tut.. keep up the good work WinkB)
nederlandhelgon January 20 2008 - 02:42:36
An easier way in my opinion is to get a program called Commview and have it record traffic then whatever hostname/ip is in the most use it shows an arrow next to it then voila :happy:
PoorHackeron February 27 2008 - 11:07:30
system is rude:xx:
system_meltdownon March 23 2008 - 12:25:53
Lol? Who be you? :s
UberN00bon April 18 2008 - 21:57:35
Are you sure it still works? Because I think the connections go through the msn server, as I always get the same IP, no matter who i try to get the IP from... I think the best way is having a website that emails you the IP log (or just stores it in a file), so you just have to tell the "victim" to view your site to get the IP.
Elu-veit-ieon February 19 2009 - 14:31:54
No this does not work with the new msn Live, as when you have a connection it is with the msn server and not a direct connetion like some other clients. Although, if you do have an older version of msn, it could possibly be modded to send and extra tag with each message. Doing this the tag could " fish" for the ip. I say use an older version beacause of the exploitation is already documented on the web, dont reinvent the wheel and use it.
ctrl_on May 12 2009 - 21:01:41
I read somewhere that for this to work the file needs to be larger than 4MB, or it will go through lives' servers.
compr00ton June 10 2009 - 21:12:32
are you sure you get your friend's ip? isn't this a msn server's ip? bcause the communication is always client - server - client... grz
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