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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Realistic Mission 1 Walkthrough (Not Spoiler)

Arrow Image To help noobs with Realistic Mission 1

Ok it took me a while to get this beat this now, but now i have and im gonna try to explain it in simpler terms..

First of all you want to log in with the Johndoe/password information they give you at the level description.

Log in with that and look around...

The next step you want to do is look for the folder that contains the .txt file your looking for (The one that has the admin cookies)

Hint: ***Stegano***

Now that you have the file that shows the pass user name and authid all you have to do now is inject those things as your new cookie data. This allows you to be admin without knowing the password.

This is the format for adding the new cookie data:


*** is where you the \"stuff\"

once you do that press enter and add the other 2 (pass and authid)

with that done you need to check to see if you did it all right. so do the alert command.

Then click refresh.

And go and change the price..

I hope you liked this atricle please comment..

If some people think its a spoiler please inform me so i can change it.

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