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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Email Spoofing with Telnet

Arrow Image Learn to email people from a different email address by spoofing.

~~This Article was Written by Blinky, Not Me, I give him 110% credit~~

So, I heard you wanted to learn how to spoof emails so you can email people making it look like its from some other email, right? Well you have come to the right spot. Ok, first off you gotta know what tool you use you spoof. This tool is called Telnet. On windows you will need to go Start > Run then type in cmd and push enter. On macs (im not very familiar with them) go to utilities and go to \"Console.\" Ok, you might be wondering, but wait a minute where is telnet? Well if you are in command prompt (cmd) or in Console it is command based, so for example you will type in \"telnet port\" So lets get to the basics now that you know how to get to telnet. When you are in cmd or console you want to connect to a website on the smpt port (basically the mail protocol port that allows emails to transfer through). So lets take hotmail for example, type in:

telnet 25

Now push enter, it connects to hotmail. Lets break it down so you know how it works. Typing telnet will tell it what program to run, so whenever you want to use telnet type telnet first, the section is telling telnet what address to connect to. Finally, the number 25 is the mail protocol port, you will need to use this to let telnet know that you want to connect through the mail port so you can access the mail server on the address. An example of other ports is 21 which is FTP port, and port 80 which is http, you can expirement with these if you would like.

Now, once you get a message on telnet saying you have connected and some technical crap you dont need to worry about :) you can begin. Write out:


This is interpreted as saying a simple \"Hello\" to the server, and on hotmail it will say \"HELO the xxx being your IP address. Now dont be scared spoofing emails is something the other people can not do anything about to you.

Next is where the spoofing comes in. Write:

MAIL FROM: (Email you want it to send FROM)

Make sure you do NOT include the parenthesis ( ) ie. MAIL FROM: This is just telling the mail server where the mail is labeled to come from. You can choose any email address with the MAIL FROM: command.

Now you need to choose who to mail TO, type this:

RCPT TO: (Email you want it to send TO)

Again, do NOT include the parenthesis ( ) ie. RCPT TO: This is telling the server where to mail the email to. RCPT is basically abbreviated as Recipiant. If it does not accept RCPT TO: email then try spacing the TO : email between each, depending on the email server. With this you NEED to have it email to hotmail, or the mail server you connected to.

Now that you have the emails down pat its time to actually write the Email. Write:


Then press enter, this is just telling the server its time to write down the msg and subject, now write this:


Again, dont put parenthesis ( ) unless you actually want parenthesis ( ) in the subject. Now once you pushed enter after the subject, write what you want in the actually body of the email. Once you finished writing the message push enter, then write


and push enter, it will say something about the mail is queued for delivery and it should arrive to the mail box very shortly.

Now wasnt that easy? You have just spoofed your very own email, what you do with this knowledge is none of my business, have fun and good luck!

Tips And Answers to Problems:

1. Make sure you never mistype something and hit backspace, it will end up writing out weird characters and that would be a sign that the email is spoofed, so if you end up mistyping something, start over.

2. If the message is too long to type because it timesout and kicks you off then type the message in notepad or any writing processor and then copy it, when it gets to the message part right click on there and click paste, or if on a mac just paste it how you normally do.

3. Some email servers allow relaying (being able to send to ANYONE instead of someone just on that server) but not alot of mail servers allow that.

4. In case you arent sure if something will work, its a good idea to send it to your self so everything looks fine then send it to your target.

There you go, hope this helps all of you guys, just remember, no email bombing or doing anything bad with this method :P<br><br>
<span class=\"small\">Submitted by Blinky on December 01 2004 - 21:52:21</span>


Bullet-Stopperon November 06 2005 - 17:39:25
how come when i put in the telnet 25 thingy it says something like sending un solictated(?) comercial or bulk email to microsoft is prohibited.other restrictions are found at http:/ violations will result in use of equipment in claifornia and other does this mean im kinda slow and a newbie soo yeah am i in or what?
Bullet-Stopperon November 06 2005 - 17:40:33
nvm heh finished reading the article Wink
A-BombeDon January 23 2006 - 03:11:03
OK, i tried this, tried to type in telnet 25 into, then the command box goes blank, after a few seconds, it says at the top of the place u can type c:\docume~1\my username then fer the title of the app it ses telnet but everytime i type hello, or mail from: it doesnt work wtf?!?!Angry
EnglishPandaon May 29 2006 - 16:15:42
This worked very well for me, thanks a lot, this article is awesome.
blacksheep090on August 14 2006 - 06:38:27
you know when you go to run you could just type in telnet and it opens into the telnet client(MS only obviously) then just use open or whatever
crimson19on November 02 2006 - 03:51:00
when i try to access the mail server it says could not open the connection to the host on port 25: connection failed. Is this normail? If not how do I fix it?
DarkenedEdgeon July 08 2007 - 12:25:41
Lol, I get "Press any key to continue..." Then it just keeps saying that =/
Onyxxon August 11 2007 - 17:09:18
Seems that at least hotmail blocked most email adresses in the MAIL FROM command. Most will just get blocked due to policy reasons.
raviteja84on July 01 2012 - 13:05:26
Hmm yeah I read the article. Really good one. But hotmail has blocked this feature now!
raviteja84on July 01 2012 - 13:06:37
This works on gawab which is another server. You can try it out yourself. Instead of hotmail just put gawab.
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