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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Basic web hacking 1 (The retard test)

Arrow Image Help with basic 1.

If you are asking people whats the password to get into basic 1?

getting the passwor dis basic 1.(God you must be stupid.)

If you're thinking fair enough, but whats all tihs hacking stuff about?

Okay this is incredibly simple its the retard test, but really it tests for inicitive in those very new to hacking. Those that realise somehting very fundimental to tihs type of hacking that at some point information from the web site must be stored on your computer. This *Source* of the web page is written in HTML and for basic one is the answer... If you are very new i suggest you get Firefox and use that, much easier.

If you still havent got the answer:

Piss off you're not cut out for hacking and maybe even life. go get your dads Magnum and blow your brains out( what little you have.)

(I reckon those dumb enough to have still not completed it would actually do it..)

If you are still reading, yes you are: WELL DONE! You have what it takes to be a hacker. Now go learn and hack my arse for calling you an idiot so many times!


Deshoulereson October 15 2005 - 22:55:55
Your an idiot sometimes... that is a really pointless article; It would be much better for them to get the answer than give up; If you even wrote the actual password it would have been better; Don't discourage people, lecture yes, discourage from hacking, no; Of course, that is just what I think, But I happen to be God so there Wink hehe; See ya wolfman
Deshoulereson October 15 2005 - 22:56:44
P.S. I didn't rate it... that 'Poor' was from someone else
wolfmankurdon October 16 2005 - 11:01:14
Sad Deshy...
fagitzon October 16 2005 - 20:29:52
This was the worst article I've ever seen. More of a slam at all n00bs than any attempt at helping them. In fact, you spent more time demoralising them than actually saying anything useful. For any newbies reading this actually looking for help, check out http://www.w3scho. . . and read up on HTML (if you haven't already). This mission doesn't contain any hacking, more of an ability to read source code (you access this from the View tab in many browsers). You'll want to look for the answer not in any functional code, but rather a comment tag with the format <!--comment here-->
Deshoulereson October 17 2005 - 01:43:04
wolfie, you know you still rock, this article just surprised me, you're always so nice and friendly... dare I say, like a teddy bear/wolf? By the way Hellbound sucks in comparison to the amazing people here ;; JOIN!!!
nights_shadowon October 17 2005 - 02:01:07
lmao, wtf deshoulares, you're like the ad. guy for enigma.
Deshoulereson October 18 2005 - 02:51:04
Haha, shush; HBH is weird; Like Enigma, they made it so that people who joined and didn't do anything got booted; We have like 3945 members, maybe 60 or less that actually participate. Yet HBH brags about having 3000+ members... A lot of times it also seems like people don't actually care about the gathering as a group of like-minded people as more of a place to brag and flex their muscles; Idk, I will shut up if you want... wait, no I won't hahaSmile
wolfmankurdon October 18 2005 - 17:47:31
PEOPLE CORRECTION ITS NOT A SLAM ON N00BS noob=!Retard, it's not saying if you can do this your are an idiot its pointed at the kind of peorson who gives up you doesn't think laterally, oyu doesnt think at all!... Deshy: I know recently I've been all bitter/twisted and mean :s I scare my self!
xdanxon November 26 2005 - 16:26:52
lol SmileWinkB)
sharpskater80on December 26 2005 - 08:48:33
Yeah, I remember the basic 1 on hts before i started learning html and scripting. I thought the space and the line break tag was the password. I'm a smart guy, I was just new and ddin't know. Still can't believe there's an article for it Shock
intersliceon June 23 2006 - 04:59:30
i dont think they need to go do research on this challenge. u should've just wrote "the source page is your friend(ctrl U or right click)." otherwise they'll spend hours on a really easy and pointless mission when they can be doing better challenges
redzionon November 08 2006 - 05:48:24
816 Reads!!!
elzeeon November 19 2006 - 05:04:59
this mission isint pointless at all it teaches you to view the source(if you didint know to do that all rddy). if you dont know to do that then how are you gonna finish any of the other missions and as far as reading up on it goes its better to be over informed about something then not at all Grin welp all i have to say
HackingForceon December 03 2006 - 16:27:55
lol, you get an Awesome! vote for being cool Pfft
thinkinsteinon February 20 2007 - 04:48:59
This article was irrelevent...rather u cud have posted some informative article...
practice_123on June 21 2007 - 05:08:27
eh i still i found it funny, if there really is an idiot out there that needed help with a challenge where the answer was basically in plain view .. they really shouldnt be learning to hack if they came in here looking for help on basic 1
jelmeron September 08 2008 - 13:20:58
Loved it xD
DarkMantison September 09 2008 - 14:52:02
gotta love this article
K3174N 420on September 22 2008 - 00:23:52
so whats the password then....? joke.. :happy:
hacker_tanujon January 11 2012 - 18:44:40
whoever wrote the article is a dumb idiotic ass....
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