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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Qbasic Tutorial Lesson 1

Arrow Image Teaches you how to make a simple "Hello World" world program in microsoft Qbasic!

Qbasic Tutorial Lesson 1:
Why start off with Qbasic?
Qbasic is great for people who are just starting off programming. It isnt too difficult, unlike C\C++ which have a high learning curve. Qbasic will be great to get you started and when you are ready you will be able to start C or C++ with less difficulty. Plus Qbasic is free!(well sorrtive) If you have an windows 95 cd then you have it free! Just search the cd or look in the old dos file folder and copy the qbasic files to your harddrive. *NOTE*There should be two files qbasic.exe and the qbasic help file.
Lesson 1: "Hello World"
*NOTE* You do not need to worry about the // and anything after them they are just there to tell you whats going on!
CLS // CLS just simple means clear screen you need this at the top of any Qbasic source.
PRINT "Hello World" // The print function will print any text within the " "
END // the End function ends the program

To start the program just press F5 and it will run the program

Now wasnt that fun? You are probally thinking that it was tooo easy but really it isnt. Qbasic is just basic. This is the first step into becoming a programmer. Baby steps. Qbasic will help you learn the structer for other master languages to come.

End Note:
Feel free to mess around with. If you go under help there is a list of cammands that you can put into your program. Just have fun with, and do not make it seem like work. There are some thangs to note about Qbaisc: You cannot run the programs on a computer that does not have Qbasic. You could include Qbasic with it and show people your programms. Qbasic inst that big of a file (189k) so you could just put the program and Qbasic on a floppy and show people. This is your first step into programming, make it fun!

If you have any questions or comments PM me at MyGot or e-mail me at Please tell me what you think of this article good or bad. Thanx! I will hopefuly add more lesson on Qbasic soon!


MyG0ton September 28 2005 - 23:20:40
Why did you guys move it XP Tweaks?
HvTon September 29 2005 - 13:18:06
It happens when you edit your article.
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