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Understanding is the answer, hatred is the problem, and hackers are the slaves abused and destroyed in the process of peace online - Deshouleres
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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stegano 1-4, then 6-8

Arrow Image my first article :D hints from stegano 1 to stegano 4 then 6 to 8, number 1234678, no 5, sorry

first one, you open it up and you see a black image, use your eyes and dont go away, just use them, well staring at the image, it will come soon

steg 2, a very good program is used, its on everyones computer, butis rarely used, n...p.. , save the image, and open it in n...p.. and use your eyes at the code, look around see what you can see, any words?

my first article, by bmxer_jake :D

steg 3, look around the picture, what do you see? a bath with a woman in, you normally see these in real baths, in alot of them anyway ;)

steg 4, look at every word of the text, copy and paste it into a word, notepad, anything like that
look at all the 1st words, maybe put them together, go through the whole sentance like this,

steg 5, i havent done this one yet so...

steg 6, do the same as steg 2, uncheck word wrap, but first you have to find it to uncheck it, then look around all the little squares, and you\'ll soon see it,

steg 7, first you look at this image and seeround blobs and circles, dont be put off with this, look around every punctuation, maybe in front, maybe the next word,.. ;) it might make a sentance.

steg 8, stare at the colouring ;) your not looking for a sentance, just one thing :P


FlaKeon September 04 2005 - 13:21:28
bmxer_jake... 10x mane?? dat really helped me.....!! anyway still no idea of dis 8th one.. i can see somethin in it but still cant figure it out....!!
NightSpyderon October 06 2006 - 17:10:50
The 8th one was one of the easiest ones for me. I saw it the first time around and i got it on my first try. I still can't get number 4 though, but I'll get it over time.
Hack_Ramon August 27 2007 - 23:19:14
i dunno if its me or wut but for 8 i see nothing for 7 i dont get it lol im sooo stupid can ya'll help me
DBDWarrioron October 05 2008 - 03:15:28
can you help me with 7, i'm damn confused lol
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