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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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command prompt

Arrow Image opening a command prompt to any folder

Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \\ Directory \\ shell
Create a new key called Command
Give it the value of the name you want to appear in the Explorer. Something like open command prompt
Under this create a new key called command
Give it a value of cmd.exe /k \"cd %L\" or /k \"cd %L\" for win98 + win me
Now close regedit and reboot
Now when right click on a folder, select Open command prompt, and a command prompt will open to the selected directory.


Cerealon August 31 2005 - 23:36:53
1. Theres no title to this article that useful to what its contents are. 2. You can do this simply by copying cmd.exe and opening it from the directory you want it to start in. 3. regediting is to dangerous to be fucking with stuff like this. Have a nice day!
Deshoulereson September 01 2005 - 01:07:22
what the hell... these damn other challenges are messing with the quality of articles...
iamgodoffireon September 01 2005 - 13:08:23
yeah. but this could be good if it would allow cmd at school. i'll check it out later.
wolfmankurdon September 02 2005 - 00:00:22
I agree with the first two, What the fuck is this about?, and iamgodoffire if they allowed access to regedit at school, CMD would be the least of they're worries.Wink
Cerealon September 02 2005 - 09:17:06
You can always do the automated .reg thing, but my school disabled file extensions like .bat .reg and stuff like that. Makes you think your smart, then you find that the admin of the workgroups password is his name....
wolfmankurdon September 08 2005 - 23:58:12
Shankson January 16 2006 - 11:41:28
i'm going to have to say this is very good just because i've been researching the registry for a while with stuff like this in mind. thanks for the shortcut Smile
Night_Stalkeron September 09 2008 - 01:37:14
Dude, why not just type cd pathofplacehere this is totally a waste of time. The admins allow this shit, and F.UCKING MYSPACE SURVEYS! But don't allow my articles on multiple ways to break into XP/Vista machines and get past BIOS and chmos. Or any about phreaking... Ok, we need someone to guard the article submit button, and the one that the admin uses to allow it to show up here... I nominate Spyware, and Moshbat, maybe Fritzo too? This article is SH1T.. So bad, it makes me want to cry.. Sad
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