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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Very basic html tutorial.

Arrow Image For the newbie to get a very basic idea of what html is. And to maybe get someone started in the right direction. Learn to make your own web page.

This tutorial is only ment to show the beginner what html is. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a very basic web page. Hopefully you will see how easy html is.

Why would you want to know html? Well one reason is so that you can do these challenges on this site. But another one is that you may be interested in making your own web page. This is the tutorial enjoy.

Well you need a place to write your code so open note pad use it to make your web page.

Enter the text in the text editor exactly as it is shown below.
<!--The text in between these brackets will not show up in your web page, this is used for the programmer to help him/her to remember what is going on in there code.-->

<title>My first web page!</title><!--The title tag will make the text "My first web page!" appear at the top of the browser window.-->

<body><!-- the body of you web page goes here-->

<p> This is the paragraph tag. <!--Write your paragraphs here.-->
</p><!-- After you are done writing your paragraph you should use this tag to close the <p> tag-->

<pre><!--Use this text to have the browser format text exactly as you want-->
Check this
the text goes where I want.
</pre><!--Use this to close the <pre> tag-->

<h1><p>This makes the text huge</p></h1><!--make sure that when you close your tags do it just like i showed you above or it wont work.-->

</body><!--Make sure to close your tags!-->
</html><!--Make sure to close your tags!-->

<!--End of tutorial-->
Ok so now save your web page as"my first web page.html" then open it with your browser and you should see your web page. It should look similar to this page

If you want to learn more about html you can go to
This is an excellent place to learn more about html. I recommend going here so that you can use html to its fullest extent.

I hope you learned a litte today and got an idea of what html is and how easy it can be. Remember there is much more to html than what is shown here.


knutraineron May 07 2006 - 07:30:29
This article is just superb crap. Really who wrote this?
intersliceon July 03 2006 - 08:16:57
you only needed the 2nd last paragraph where it says lol.
intersliceon July 15 2006 - 01:14:16
you wrote it.
Night_Stalkeron September 11 2008 - 00:58:57
Dissing your own article? That is low... By the way, its in the wrong category. It is alright, I'll rate it "Average" Grin
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