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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Steganography, challenge8

Arrow Image Help with 8

Okay this steg. is based on an old trick used to hide information in pictures even before computers!

Once you first see it it may look weird but for most its pretty obvious what has been done to it, it\'s simple, if not fiddle around with the colours and you should fix that bit.

Now this bit for most is familiar again, especially guys, we get this problem in about 1/10 of us, and girls you\'re not left out about 1/250 suffer this. once you regognise it either fix it or just do a simple google search. If you need help, think about this its a test, you will have done it before abuot 3/4 times especially if you live in the U.K.

On my first try with two words i brought up not only the website but the page in that website that would help me, !!! Hail the all mighty GOOGLE !!!

If you need further help, PM me.


CNS Chemiston June 14 2005 - 18:06:54
Erm... do people see these articles before they get passed through, because, no offense, but this needs a bit of work =\ I mean, the point of an article is so that the info can be isolated and one doesnt have to search Google for it =\
wolfmankurdon June 14 2005 - 18:25:42
No ts not, Its to give guidence, google searchs some 8 billion pages, you need help with it first, and if all the answers were on the page it would be shit no?
CNS Chemiston June 14 2005 - 18:27:38
Not really, but the best guidance can be achieved with as much information as possible.
wolfmankurdon June 14 2005 - 18:39:04
No, thats how to learn to be a lazy fuck. It's simple Psycha- Xer0X no-one wants to know the answers except those who are not good enough to do them, I bet you also read this article before trying it by your self, or tried it because you thought you could get teh answer off here if it was too hard. If thats so you may as well fuck off now, no one will give you answers.
metsoc30on June 14 2005 - 20:17:56
Nice retort wolfman. I remember my doctor used to make me look at these things to see if I was color blind.
nights_shadowon June 19 2005 - 23:15:34
lol, and...not like this happened to me or anything...but make sure your answer is in the right casing (lower-case/upper-case). Pfft
Neo_Chalchuson September 11 2005 - 23:15:39
whoah...thanks. Never realized something this cryptic could be this helpful! lolPfft
The_Froston September 18 2005 - 18:19:26
i looked for 1 about 10 mins i got bored and did something else then had one last look and found it
Kalkranon September 23 2005 - 08:45:11
Rofl I've been looking at it for 30 minutes straight now... Cant see anything in it... Maybe one big letter, but not sure. Maybe I'll ask a girl to look at it, but I want to solve it myself... Pfft Someone else should be able to see it Smile
BluMooseon September 26 2005 - 17:57:45
I only see one big letter, that correct?
GODDon April 15 2006 - 21:00:02
i kinda knew what i was lookin for...i cant see it!!! i can see the difference in shading, but i cant tell what it is cuz my mind recognizes patterns and wont stop shifting from pattern to pattern (makes it feel like the damn thing is wiggling....i hate me!
GODDon April 15 2006 - 21:04:18
alright, i hate me! i had it all along, i just had it set for steg 7 instead of 8...
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