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Hiding in Plain Site The Art of Steganography

Arrow Image This Tutorial Will Help You Hide Your Data In Pictures.

Hiding in Plain Site The Art of Steganography
By BlackAce227

Many people in the world surf the internet surfing for a number of reasons. Some search for Pictures of there favorite band, others look for free mp3s to download. What if these everyday things actually contained hidden messages that are completely invisible to the naked eye? You might not think so, but there are thousands of pictures, audio files, or just simple text files that contain secret messages that can be used for almost anything. Steganography can be used for anything ranging from playing around with your friends to copywriting your programs or pictures to even being used by criminals to hide there actions. This article will explain what Steganography is, how to make your own Steganography files, and how to read other peoples Steganography files.

First of all Steganography is the practice of hiding one piece of information inside of another. The word Steganography comes from the Greek word Steganos, which means covered writing in Greek. Steganography can only be used on certain file types like JPEGs, GIFs, PDFs BMP or Bitmaps, MP3s (audio), and Text. Hiding text or programs in other text files is called Textual Steganography. When you encrypt/decrypt a file, you also have the option of password protecting it, so even if someone does find your file, you still would have to enter the password to view the message. No password. No message.

Anyway, lets get down to business. There are a wide range of programs that you can use to encrypt/decrypt your files so that you can get started. Here are a couple of links to the sites. Some are freeware, some are shareware.
Just google any one of these programs below:


Steganography 2.8 - Shareware
Cloak v 7.0 - Shareware
Stego-Lame - Freeware
Blindside - Freeware
Cryptobola - Shareware

Just open any one of these programs below and click on the upload image file. Here is a picture of Steganography 2.8 as an example:

<img src=' 2.8.gif'>

Once you have followed the Directions, your new picture should look something like this:

<img src=' pic.gif'>

The embedded message has been inserted in picture two. It is not noticeable to the naked eye. The message cannot even be proved that it exists unless a person uses Steganos software and knows what the password that you used. This combination is VERY unlikely so you pretty much have no worries when you insert text into audio and pictures.

Thanks for reading. I hope you learned a little bit of background information on it as well as the procedure itself.



<span class="small">Submitted by BlackAce227 on December 04 2004 - 11:15:03</span>


wolfmankurdon June 08 2005 - 22:52:14
I just use a text editor to append the way Steganography (stegano) roof covering (graphy) writing Pfft
xenophile7x7on February 12 2007 - 06:16:44
A great resource for more information on the subject would be the book 'Hiding in Plain Sight: The art of Steganography and Covert Communication. Extremely informative.
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