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You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. - Galileo
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Latest Articles
Articles: Security

A paranoid approach to securing data

Briefly discuss some Anti-forensic methodologies and provide insight to protect your data against access and recovery by undesireables, mostly the fuzz.

ARP Poisoning

Introduction This article is meant to teach how ARP works and how one can go about poisoning the ARP cache and enable them to completely sniff traffic over a switched network. This article assumes that you already have access to a switched network. ARP Poisoning is a way of tricking computers over a switched network to send traffic through you before going to other computers or out to the internet.

Alternatives to a Boot Disk

There are alternatives to using a boot disk to locally gain access to a computer.

Banner Grabbing: Enumeration & Exploitation

Enumeration & Exploitation

Bypassing nanny programs, internet blocks, and router blocks

A very easy method towards bypassing programs and routers that blocks you from entering websites.

Cookie Poisoning

A basic introduction to cookie poisoning

Cookie Stealing Via XSS

An article on cookie stealing, using XSS.

Data Capturing using TCP Flags

This is supposed to be VERY short and a quick overview, so here it is.

Data Hiding

An easy and secure way to hide your data

Delete index.dat files

Index.dat files explained. There is also information how to erase index.dat files and where are located index.dat files.

Deleting your trace

Yep, title says it all

Designing strong passwords

This article will inform you on how to create stronger passwords.

Erasing files the safe way

This article shows how to delete files and make them impossible to restore.

File Hiding

Ice's way to hide ur files!!!

File Stegano using ADS

Using Alternate Data Streams (ADS) for NTFS to hide an .exe or data inside the ADS of another file

Frequency Jamming Fundamentals

frequency jamming, wooptie-doo!

GSM Security

This is a technical article on the security provided by GSM networks. It is an advanced topic, so I suggest you at least know about the layout of GSM networks and challenge-response protocols.

Get power and programs going at school using two methods.

Everyday at school or work program filters stop you from installing an making changes, here are some cheap ways to bypass.

Getting Someones IP Address

Getting someone's IP Address is a very common thing. But do you know how to do it? - for the noobs (because we all need to learn sometime)

Hosts File Editing

Everything to know about hosts files.

How to get rid of the MSN Virus Bropia

This is a bitch, very helpful

How to prevent Cookie Stealers

This mini tutorial will teach you a few ways of protecting your webstie against cookie stealers.

IPTables and SPI Technology Overview

IPTables Configuration Guide


Many people dosn't use these functions in PHP, which make their site a open door for alot of hackers.

Intrusion Detection Systems

A Breakdown of Intrusion Detection Systems

Js Injections and some sql

a little tut about javascript injection and a little sql

Md5 and dictionary words

How to prevent dictionary words in md5

New Startup

Not for beginners...

Pentesting and Ethical Hacking

In this article I will explain the non-technical and process aspects of ethical hacking

Ports to watch on networks

Here is a listing of common ports that will be open and the protocol that coincides to this port listing.

Root in Under Five

For Schools and Such

RootKits Part 1

explains the differnt types of rootkits and what they do

RootKits Part 2

Explains the rest of Rootkits Part 1 article and gives history over Kernel Rootkits

Running Virtual Machines

How to surf "dangerous sites"and how to run "dangerous jobs" whitout compromise your Operating System.

SSH Tunneling

SSH tunneling basics.

The CIA Triad

The CIA Triad, also know as \\\\\\\"The security functionality triangle\\\\\\\" is like a fire triange for web security.

The flaws of full disk encryption.

A article outlining the many flaws people are unaware of when using full disk encryption and how to fix them.

Top 10 Simple Home Security Tips

Easy Home Networking Tips!

Trick to secure web page

Basic thing that can help your site to be more secure.

Website Security Tests Protect Against Application Vulnerabiliti

Small and medium-sized enterprises can protect websites against application vulnerabilities with simple, easy-to-use, and affordable service. Firewall, Intrusion prevention and Detection System (IDS/IPS) are not enough to protect your Website against today’s application vulnerabilities.

Wireless Access and Exploiting Access Part 1

different ways to gain access and exploit it the wireless way.

XPath Injection Attacks

XPath Injection Attacks Methodology and Examples. *I am not responsible for how you use this information.

htaccess Password Protection

Put this in the same folder you need to protect.

school computers

easy way to get past school blockers

Most Read Articles

Selecting Your First Programming Language

Reads: 204735

If you are stuck wondering were to start in your programming adventure this is the article for you.

The Impact of the Gold Rush on Western Society

Reads: 185704

Essay for school on Gold Rush. Not really about western society. Just added "western society" to make it sound more specific. But good Gold Rush info. Please comment. I can expand on it.

Root in Under Five

Reads: 160385

For Schools and Such

Cracking Wep Keys With BackTrack

Reads: 146999

Guide to cracking wep keys for BEGINNERS! By: Exidous

The Tetris Effect

Reads: 131627

A quick overview on a psychological condition known as "The Tetris Effect."

Hydra: Brute-Forcing Passwords (Dictionary Attacks)

Reads: 74953

Brute-Forcing Logins on Remote Services.

MySQL injection complete tutorial

Reads: 71278

MySQL injection tutorial by sam207... please rate/comment it

Game of Life

Reads: 70872

A small article examining the influence of Conway's Game of Life on the hacker culture.

Basic 1 to 17

Reads: 67784

This article is got it....BASIC 1 TO 17! This is a :"how-to-" and may contain some spoliers.

Basic Web Hacking *ALL*

Reads: 62596

A good place to start. Simple instructions for every challenge. *VERY MINOR spoilers*


Reads: 58933


Complete Set Of CGI-BIN Exploits and what they do

Reads: 50035

This tutorial will show you many Cgi-Bin exploits out there and tell you what they mean.

School Network Hacking

Reads: 45193

How to become Admin on your school. This way works for most schools.

Using Python's HTMLParser class

Reads: 42818

A quick intro on parsing web pages in python

Camera Hacking with Google

Reads: 37125

This is a list of strings that you could type into google and find a unprotected network camera.Enjoy!

Latest Articles

Using Google Search AJAX API in Python

Reads: 2232

This article hopefully teaches you how to use Google Search AJAX API in Python.

Pen testing 2 walk through

Reads: 2706

a walk through on the pen testing 2

Top 10 Simple Home Security Tips

Reads: 2759

Easy Home Networking Tips!

Pen Testing 2

Reads: 3236

If you need hints because you are still stucked with pen test 2, this article is written for you.

5 Firefox Addons Everyone Should Have

Reads: 6020

Here's a list of Firefox Addons that everyone should have and use.

Realistic 18

Reads: 3875

A guide to help you with the 'insane' realistic 18.

IT Security, a way of life.

Reads: 4537

Offensive Security vs. Defensive Security general questions and answers essay.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 2

Reads: 8150

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng Results.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 1

Reads: 8543

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng options and syntax.

WIFI - Part 5, OSI and TCP/IP Models

Reads: 4777

This is a quick guide that will help you understand the OSI model and the TCP/IP model. Both are fundamental when dealing with any kind of networking.

WIFI - Part 4, Airmon-ng

Reads: 5647

This is a guide on how to utilize Airmon-ng to be able to place a wireless interface into monitor mode, and be able to successfully use it.

Artificial Intelligence

Reads: 5541

I wrote this a while back and thought it would be good to post on here to start some good debates or conversations. This article is a thought prosses on what gaps the real human mind with that of AI

WiFi - Part 3, Aircrack-ng

Reads: 8667

This is just a summary of the various tools that are included with the Aircrack-ng suite. It also goes over the installation process.

WiFi - Part 2, Protocols, Bands and Channels

Reads: 8708

This section goes over the common 802.11 protocols, talks about bands and channels, and some common characteristics of antennas. Also talks about world regulartoy domains, and how to set them.

WiFi - Part 1, Interfaces and Drivers

Reads: 9991

This section goes over Interfaces, Drivers, and Logs. Depicts what each of the above are, how to view them, and their importance.