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One mans freedom fighter, another's terrorist.
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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[] Hellbound Hackers (Reference: herein referred to as "HBH", is owned and operated by: Mordak;

[] Registered users, defined as individuals accepting terms of service, and choosing to willingly partake of the information stored on this remote database, herein referred to as "member(s)"

[] The Terms of Service, defined as an agreement between said "HBH" and said "Member(s)", shall be herein referred to as "ToS"

[] The links that lead to 'basic, javascript, application, realistic, encryption, logical, stegano,, and programming challenges', herein referred to as "challenges" are defined as pages stored on this remote database which allow said "member(s)" to practice web security solely for the purpose of securing their own site. These "challenges" are meant to only be attempted when said "member(s)" agree to/abide by the "ToS".

[] Posts contained in the "Articles" section are defined as posts containing information updated by said "member(s)", agreeing to/abiding by said "ToS", and are uploaded upon their agreement and at their own risk, herein referred to as "articles".

[] Posts containing information as to bugs in unrelated websites/programs/security applications, shall be herein referred to as "exploits".

[] Any individual associated with legal action, defined as anyone hired, working for (On the payroll of), volunteering, or informing the legal task force of any area, I.E. Police, government, internet task force, CIA, FBI, or any other variant of said forces, will be herein refered to as "Police".

[] Any defacements ( Or willful destruction, accidental destruction due to unauthorized access, accidental destruction based on exploit posted on remote servers, or willful destruction/posting of flamatory or offensive pictures, words, and/or phrases) posted in link form, text form, and/or code form is based solely upon said users' wish to do as such and as such all legal action brought upon said user can not/will not be associated with the funds, server, host, coders, administrators, and/or members of said HBH.

[] Any threats made against individual parties not associated with/associated with HBH are made solely at the risk of said user and as such no affiliates/members/admins of HBH can be/will be associated with said threats.

| Begin Legal Info |

HBH provides a free of charge, legally safe training environment to the public for the sole purpose of Internet security, doing so puts us in legal risk if certain rules are not followed. By logging into, or by viewing anything on this site you agree to the following ToS (Terms of Service):

1. You agree that you are not affiliated with, a member of, or related to anyone who is a current, past, or future member of said "Police", and will not inform said "Police" of any information, large or small, contained on this remote database, nor to the usernames of said "member(s)" involved in legal procedures (I.E. Booking, charging, sentencing, trials, and/or parole hearings); Nor are you using any computer owned by/used by/or able to be used by said "Police"

2. You agree to use the information stored on "HBH" including but not limited to "Articles", "Exploits", and/or "Challenges" or any information stored in the 'forums' for educational/personal information and will strictly abide by all legal rules stated by your countries government, under consequence of law. Also, you will not use said information for any server/malicious hacking of HBH's remote website, doing so will void said "Terms of Service".

3. In the event of said legal action occurring, HBH severs all ties with said "member(s)" and is not able to be held liable for any information/tips/tricks/programs supplied by said site; Also in the event of said legal action occurring, if asked HBH will remove all user(s) involved in said legal action, and will void ToS.

4. HBH and all information contained within/associated with HBH is strictly the collective property of the Hellbound Staff, in accordance with ToS refrain from re-using/reproducing/copying/editing any part of this remote website in whole or in part; Said actions will result in ToS becoming void, and username(s) owned by said "Member(s)" being removed from the database.

5. Any or all legal action brought upon HBH is to be dealt with separate from said "Member(s)" and as such any illegal statements made by said "Member(s)" is to be ignored/nullified by said "Police" if a search is warranted.

6. Any actions taken by administrators must be respected by said members, if said members refuse to accept judgement against them are no longer associated with said HBH, HBH admin team, and/or other members of HBH. Any and all evidence found on said ex-members PC, macs, and/other boxes are evidence belonging legally to that said owner and no owner/member involved in HBH.

7. Any members presented with legal troubles will not be funded/helped/encouraged in any way/shape/form until said legal troubles are handled; Any funds encouraging messages/help is done at the risk of said members and is not tied to HBH even if stated by an admin;

8. Any member caught defacing a website and linking back to HBH in any shape or form including iframes and "shouts" will result in the said member being banned from HBH and having their IP black listed. HBH will not be held responsible for your actions nor justify them.

9. We are unable to delete account upon request, if you want your account deleting then please don't login to your account for one year. After one year your account will be automatically deleted from HBH.

By agreeing to these ToS you agree to follow all terms under void of ToS; Voiding of ToS will cause your user account to be banned and the IP address of said user to be banned. In some cases user accounts will be locked then after a one year period your account will be deleted from the database automatically.
Attempting to bring legal action against HBH will also result in voiding of ToS;


    HBH Staff.