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Things are more like they are now than they have ever been before. - Dwight D. Eisenhower
Friday, November 27, 2015
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What is Hacking?

The media today is quick to convert ignorant idividuals that hackers are infact computer experts with malisious intent. We've all seen it on the news, "Hackers break into gouvernment systems and launch nuclear missles at the moon", "13yr old Hacker steals $13 million in online credit card fraud", "Hackers broke into my house and ate my baby".

However this couldnt be more wrong. Hacking is the art of exploring computers and finding out how and why things work. There are ofcourse the extreme minority that decide to deface and attack anything they can, and this is where hackers get a bad reputation. This website aims to change this stereotype and claim back a positive title associated with hackers. Hacking isnt just about Computers and Exploits, its almost a philosphy.

  • Hacker is a term used to describe different types of computer experts. A person who enjoys exploring the details of computers and how to stretch their capabilities. A person who delves into software more deeply than an average PC user.

    Hackers are often seen as "White hats" or "Black hats." White hat hackers help fix badly written software programs and write new programs for the greater good of the computing community. Black hats modify or create software for criminal purposes such as stealing your passwords, your identity, your bank account or simply to slow the Internet down for the sole purpose of achieving their 5 minutes of fame.

    This poem was written by a hacker shortly after his arrest in 1986. It is widely praised and respected amoungst the extreme majority of the hacker community. Nearly every true hacker can heavily relate to this poem, hence its popularity.