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Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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New to Hacking
For those of you who are unsure on hacking, and don't know where to start, here is a list of steps to take and information that should help you on your way:

READ, READ and more READING!! - Its vital that you are constnatly reading and learning new material. Keep up to date with the latest exploits, and read old and new tutorials, to get a feel for how things are done.
The Key to Hacking is Knowing, How Things Work!!

You will only begin to understand how things work, by reading. Read as many tutorials you can, and google for things you dont understand. Every hacker has got to where they are, by reading and constantly researching, before asking someone else.

Sign yourself up to a good hacking site and forum, and read and learn from other members.

GOOGLE - Google is todays primary search engine. Google is often refered to as, the hackers best friend.... and for good reason! Google searches through sites for keywords, and then displays results in order of popularity from similar searches. If you cant find it on google, then you havnt typed the correct words. From google you can find thousands of exploits on virtually anything.

If you have difficulty using google to find what you want, they provided a guide to teach people how to use the search engine efficently. Click here to visit the guide.

Programming - If you cant program, then you cannot hack. Its simple. Programming is a big key to being a successful hacker and skilled computer user. There are several programming languages that it is suggested to learn, each suitable for different tasks. The more programming languages you know, the better.

The most common web langauge used, is HTML. This should be your first step. Learning HTML is essential to hacking. From there, you can choose your own path of web based languages.

Many recommend, progressing to JAVASCRIPT and then, finally moving onto PHP.

Many other lanauges and helpful tutorials can be found on google and w3schools.

Useful Links:

- HackThisSite : The largest online hacking community
- How2Hack : Recent hacking site, dedicated to people new to hacking
- Security Focus : Database full of exploits and constantly being updated
- W3Schools : One of the best web programming tutorial sites