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You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. - Galileo
Sunday, July 25, 2021
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About HBH
What is HBH?

HBH stands for HellBound Hackers.

We are a completely legal, web-based security training ground. We offer challenges that teach you how computer based exploits work. The idea being, if you know how to exploit a website for instance, then you can go and secure your website, and help others in securing theirs. If you know how malicious hackers get in, you can keep them out.

HBH also supplies a vast library of downloads, articles, and helpful forum posts for you to learn as much as possible.

HBH is very pro self-teaching. We only act as a guide. We'll show you the bits of information you need to learn, and it's your job to go and read about it. Self teaching is by far one of the most effective ways to learn.

If you do need help and hints on what to learn, you're more than welcome to contact any member in the community and they will be happy to point you in the right direction.
Can I change my username?

No you can't. The username you register is the username you get.

If you really want to have your username changed you will have to register again with the desired username.
What is a warn level?

If a user's warn level equals 100, then the user is banned.

On rare occasions a user might have a warn level of 100 without being banned, this means that the user has been unbanned, but not yet had his or her warn level decreased.

Make sure you read the site disclaimer and forum rules to avoid getting a warn level.
I want to learn how to hack. How do I start?

First be aware that learning to hack is going to take work. A ton of work. There is no 'easy button' that will get you everything you want.

Also know that hacking as a topic is very wide and vague. Normally people start off with web hacking. First place you want to go is the appropriate article section here on HBH, where you will find various useful articles to start with.

When you feel that you know enough you can try the challenges to test your knowledge.
Should I ask for a mentor?

The short answer would be no.

Being new to the site, with little knowledge about hacking, the chance for you to get at least a little bit skilled mentor is near 0%. You have to learn the basics on your own, and nobody will help you with that, it is the hard work you just have to do.

If, however, you're just looking for someone who can answer difficult questions that you might come across, then you're in luck. Most people on this site are willing to lend a hand. All you have to do is send a PM. Most of the time your "mentor" will ask you to prove that you've at least tried on your own, so try to make the PM as detailed as possible.
What programming language(s) should I learn?

When you start on HBH, it is almost essential to have at least basic knowledge of HTML(XHTML), javascript, and php, as those are the most employed languages amongst web-based applications.

For those who still need to learn, the most appropriate place would probably be, which includes various tutorials and tests for most (if not all) of the commonly used web-based languages.

When you decide to learn another language, you should give good consideration to what you want to do with that language, try some that fit your wishes and choose whichever you like to work with the most. Just remember that no one language is the best at everything which means picking one should take some time and thought.

How do I avoid getting flamed?

Don't post stupid things, don't be rude, follow the rules and be respectful towards more senior members. Also, do your best to write in proper English. "1337 speak" is not cool and will do nothing to increase your reputation.

If you get into an argument with a fellow HBH member and you're proven wrong, admit it. Don't continue arguing for the sake of pride. Eventually everyone will be against you and you will have lost any semblance of respect you might have earned previously.
I don't understand some of the terms used on HBH, what should I do?

Despite most of the people using proper English, there may occur a use of slang to some degree. If you are unsure about any term, try googling it, or try to search

The challenge asks me for a password, how do I get it?

That is the whole point. The whole objective of the challenge is to "hack" the challenge and find the correct password.

There are many ways to complete challenges, each with its own method. Such as exploiting an item of the challenge, solving a code sequence, or just by viewing the source.

When you complete a challenge you will be awarded points that are added to your profile.
A challenge isn't accepting my answer, is the challenge broken?

Fortunately for us admin, 99% of the cases there is nothing wrong with the challenge. You're just doing something wrong.

If you do truly feel a challenge is broken, which is usually indicated by a blank page after submission, try to report it via shoutbox, or send a private message to one of the admins and it will be investigated.
How do I submit a challenge that I made?

You can submit a challenge that you made by speaking to one of the developers. Make sure you send the necessary files.

Please ensure that the challenge is unique to the site, meaning that it is not copied from another site and that you use PHP if necessary. We would also appreciate it if you attached the "answer" to the challenge.

If you have further questions, please contact an Administrator.
Why should I do the challenges?

There are several types of challenges, each one serving a different purpose.

For some it may be learning about specific vulnerabilities and exploiting them (basic web), discovering vulnerabilities (realistic), learning or improving your programming skills (timed), etc...

Completing each challenge will also give you points, the points rewarded per challenge can be seen here or by mousing over the number of an uncompleted challenge in your or someone else's profile
Why don't I get points when I submit answers for logical challenges?

Each answer must be checked by an admin. Due to the considerable work load of the admins, it is reasonable to expect a delay between the submission and receiving the points. Once the answer has been checked you will also be sent a PM about whether it's correct or not.
What are Community Points (CP) and how do I get them?

Community points are used to indicate how much you contribute to the community.

For now, those can be obtained through submitting acceptable articles (15 CP each), or posting useful posts in the forum, in which case people can vote either for (+1 CP), or in case of a bad post against (-1 CP) the post.

Admins have the unique privilege to supply a +10 CP bonus to any posts that are deemed truly helpful. Conversely, a -10 CP detriment is also available for posts that they see as overtly unnecessary and/or abusive.
How does the rank system work and what is it for?

The rank is based on your sum of challenge points and forum posts. Then the rank is set against this scale:

Guest - 0
Newbie - 20
Apprentice - 200
Moderate - 350
Wiseman - 500
Active User - 700
Mad User - 950
Monster - 1200
Hacker Level 1 - 1500
Hacker Level 2 - 1700
Hacker Level 3 - 1900
Elite - 2100
Uber Elite - 2450
HBH Guru - 2700
God - 3500
Custom rank - 5000 + Exclusive member

Ranks are there to indicate how "skilled" the members are. However, don't rely on it, usually members with higher points will be more senior than members with lower, but real skill and knowledge can't be simply measured by the rank. Most members frown upon judging another member simply by the amount of points he or she has.
I've submitted an article and it hasn't appeared on the homepage yet, What's going on?

Each article must be approved by one of the admins, which may take some time as admins donít have all day to do the approvals.

If your article has been declined, you will receive a private message about it, therefore be patient and wait.

If nothing is received nor is the article published within 10 days from submission, you can try asking one of the admins.
What do those stars in certain members' profiles mean?

The stars are there as a visual representation of a user's Community Points. In order to earn stars, you must have:

100 points - 1 Star
200 points - 2 Stars
400 points - 3 Stars
650 points - 4 Stars
1000 points - 5 Stars
Why does the "Members Online" list say nobody is online?

This is the result of a database issue. If this occurs it will be repaired as soon as a developer is able to. If you have added any users to your Buddy List they will all be shown as being online when they may or may not actually be.
What size can my signature be?

Maximum size for any signature is 500x200 pixels, All others will be deleted by an Admin.
Why can't I post or use the shoutbox?

You must complete basic web hacking 1 and have at least 100 points to post or use the shoutbox.

I can't vote in the polls.

In order to vote in the polls you need 30 forum posts and 1 community point.
I tried to change my personal details but it can't update it, what am I doing wrong?

You need to verify your password each time you change the details.
I keep getting logged out

This is most likely because your IP has changed, or you are using a proxy.

The cookies on HBH are IP based, which means when your IP changes, you cookies will be destroyed. This is to stop cookie stealing and make the site more secure.

To stop this happening, when viewing this website - don't use a proxies or proxy programs such as TOR which change your IP every few minutes.
I can't login.

Use the forgot password function and have a new password emailed to your account.

You will then be able to login with this new password.

If this fails, contact a HBH administrator.
"No off-site posts please"

If you are getting this error message, it means you have something blocking your referrer.

A referrer is a small section of data that your browser sends the website on each page it views. It contains the last page you visited. HBH tracks this referrer and checks it with any submitted data on the website.

If the submitted data comes from outside HBH then it isn't allowed.

To fix this issue, check you don't have any referrer blockers in place, and you have configured your firewall properly.