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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Why cant i read this php?


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 02-07-08 01:16
There is something for starcraft (a game) clans (a group of star craft players) to make a website easily called battle scripts and its pretty much an already put together website written in php. You edit the images and names you want etc. Any way my friend bought this "battle script" and sent me a copy so i could take a look at it and try to help him out with it. well I cant read anyone of the files written in php, it looks like a bunch of jibberish. suchas this one named "frame.php"

If you cant see this like i see it, it looks like its japenese writing.

and this one named "emergency.php" (just the head of the document.)

Zend 2000112002 1 2483 10144 x
2 ZmoF&lhp}   ]͑Tv+ꦾֹZX%R%7F./R^Ē833̒-(Jnj'>ޮOQ-i,;& 5H'g<<R

a bunch of random ascii chars and alt+ key codes...
I looked into zend core, and it seems like it helps keep your version of php current. But no matter what it does it shouldn't make it a bunch of jibberish and un-editable right?
The only thing i can think of is the code is like this so that you cant just pass it arround to people who didnt pay for it. But Why doesnt it work when i actually go to the files on my server??

Its wierd but I have seen a couple other battle scripts and they looked like this also (completely different company that made the battle script)
but i didnt know who to ask about wth so i just didnt make my site.

For an example of the script im trying to use checkout this clans website, they are using the same one

Anyone who can help me with this will receive payment of $10,000 in cash. The money will be on aisle 9 in save mart behind the depends and wipes.

Edited by on 02-07-08 01:19

RE: Why cant i read this php?


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 02-07-08 01:19
Character encoding, I guess.