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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Weirdo Windows and Mac program won't work in Wine


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 12-12-07 02:45
Well, it's not like that's a real surprise. I don't really care, I usually have everything I need working directly in Linux, and I don't fret if stuff doesn't work in Wine. Unfortunately, my professor basically requires me to use this program to pass his class (which I am currently failing). I am in need of knowledge regarding reverse engineering source code. Some of the code is available freely, but the majority of it is encrypted or something. One of the problems is, the program is really weird. There's one thing where you enter your name and what class you are taking from him, and then you get the option to open one of his other files which contain the actual stuff. I think that the program is just used to interpret and display the data in the second file.

I don't know what he programmed the program in, but I do know that the program is a complete piece of feces and that he used some bizarrely obscure development program to do it in, and I think that development program used some other obscure language. However, I think if I were to ask him about that, I would be ok, and I could always find more information on the web. however, he refuses to give me the source code, which is reasonable, because that would probably allow me to pass the class easily and get strait A's without even trying.

When I try to run the program in Wine, I get past the first two screens but then I get into another part in the program which is really weird. It doesn't run fullscreen in Windo$, but it gets rid of the start bar or whatever you want to call that. The panel at the bottom of the screen. And then the program runs, but I don't think it's runnng the way a typical fullscreen program would run, ie, in a window with the resolution changed for that window. Here is the code that I am able to see:

...Ok, scratch that, I used to be able to look at some of the code, but now I can't at all. I think it's binary, or at least that's what gEdit tells me, and I'm having troubels with Vi.

So, can anyone help me with this sort of thing? It's not malicous or anything, I swear. I have previous knowledge of a few scripting languages and xhtml, and a little bit of XML and a really obscure markup language that isn't used for anything. I can quickly pick whatever other thing, such as C or whatever, that I need if I have to.

RE: Weirdo Windows and Mac program won't work in Wine


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 12-12-07 03:00
To any admin or moderator:

Please delete this thread. There is an identical one at:

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Please direct all responses to that thread.

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