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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
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Studying for CCENT and CCNA


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 09-05-10 17:17
Sup folks?

I know certs mean squat shit around here, but whatever. I'm studying for my CCENT and CCNA certs so I can get a fairly well paid job younger.

My ex'es dad actually works for cisco, so he gave me a stack of books. So I guess I was in luck.

Anyone else here have CCENT or CCNA? If so, any difficult parts that you remember most, advice, etc.?

RE: Studying for CCENT and CCNA


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Joined: 15.02.09
Posted on 09-05-10 18:46
I'm actually in the cisco acad. at my college. Learn and know the OSI model. Its used in everything. Learn each layer to the tee. Learn what devices go with what layers.

Subnetting, classfull and classless. Learn how to subnet, and tattoo it to your brain.

Learn the encapsulation process and how data moves from layer 7 to the target server or host. Also learn everything you can about the protocols and what the most popular ports used.

Download PacketTracer (google or digg around cisco site) and learn to use it. PT also helps learn topology and trouble shooting. We use PT a LOT in class.

Learn how to use a terminal. The terminal that connect to router and switches, and learn how to configure them.

That's about all I can think of right off hand. I'll keep ya updated is we cover something else that seems important.

RE: Studying for CCENT and CCNA


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 10-05-10 07:23
Search the internet for "[CCNA | CCENT | IT essentials (also a Cisco course)] [1 | 2 (chapter number)] answers"
look what the questions are and look up the theory behind the answers, learn a lot because the courses are sometimes being very specific.

As techb said; the OSI model is a good thing to learn, it's deprecated but they will ask a lot about it during the courses, learn about various ways how to troubleshoot with this model one example would be "divide and conquer", "bottom up" and "top down".

Besides learning Cisco i would highly recommend you to actually learn something more about networking, install Python, read the manual, grab some RFC's and build a network sniffer, this is a great way to quickly learn a lot about networking and will help you a lot while performing your future job and it will make you stronger in computer security (grab for example this program and extend it: http://pylibpcap.. .
Also make the sniffer detect a whole bunch of exploits so you know the basics of how to make intrusion detection systems, don't only pick exploits of 1 kind but pick for example a client side SMB exploit, the ProFTPD SQL injection and Windows XP professional SPx calc.exe shellcode.