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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Small php/sql one time dev job (paid)


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Posted on 10-04-12 10:31
Hey everyone,

Not sure where this should go so ive stuck it here, if its in the wrong place please move it instead of deleting

I'm looking for someone to do a small php development for me, really not that big or complicated. The IT company i work for has recently been taken over by a much larger Chinese rival and im busting 50-70 hour weeks during this period leaving very little time for anything but work and sleep. Would like to keep a commitment to a friend/client however so im willing to pay a skilled member of the community to supple the code on my behalf.

Basically i need an extremely simple PHP blog. The system should have a secure login, leading to a page where new posts can be made and old ones can be recalled for editing / deletion.

The entry's should be displayed in ascending order (most resent first) on another page, public facing page (blog.php) The page should be paginated to only show the most resent 5 entries with some function to show older posts, in batches of 5 at a time.

Comments and visiting user interaction are not in the requirements at this stage. Producing something which for fills the basic functions and is easy enough for a novice to use is preferable.

The front end, structure and all other aspects of the site have already been shifted off to another developer ive paid. The work so far is pretty bad but the original client who hired me to do all this is not technically skilled and has reasonably low standards for an entry level, personal site.

If you need any more info then what ive written here please ask below and ill get back to you asap with the best answer i can provide. Will be making payment upon successful implementation via paypal. If you can do this please PM me your price/time scheme and ill respond accordingly.

P.S - seems HBH password recovery is down so i have to use this test account, my original user is neonshot but it seems to no longer be on the ranking (registered in 05/06)

Thanks in advanced

RE: Small php/sql one time dev job (paid)


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Posted on 10-04-12 19:25

These are the two freelancing sites I'm familiar with. Give that a neonshot.

I'm not feeling very punny today. :right:


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