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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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SATA Hardrive Not beign detected =[


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 27-12-07 03:15
Alright well I just got this xmas I know it works Its just my first time installing SATA Interfaced products.
I also have a dvd drive that is SATA I hooked that up to SATA1 on my motherboard and it works fine.

Below is a link to a picture of my motherboard and its big so you can see all the ports and detailed writing.




Well, I have tryed to put it into the red SATA port SATA_RAID2 which did'nt seem to work. I have tryed putting it into SATA2 I have went into the Bios and have enabled anything witht he name SATA in it that I came across last time i checked when its in the red port SATA_RAID2 its not detected by the bios or windows but when its in the black port SATA2 the windows bootscreen hangs there and idles and never loads I don't know why i was told i might need some raid drivers off my asus cd But I dont know which ones. The drivers that I have avaliable to me that i think might have soemthing to do with it are as follows.

Silicone Image RAID Driver and Utility [Installed]

And for the drivers below I would have to copy them to a disk and compress the files in ISO and boot up with it.

nVidia nForce 32Bit SATA RAID Driver
nVidia 64Bit SATA RAID Driver
Silicone Image 32Bit RAID Driver
Silicone Image 32Bit SATA Driver
Silicone Image 64Bit RAID Driver
Silicone Image 64Bit SATA Driver

I have 32Bit Windows..

What is the correct SATA Port to put the sata Cable in and how do i get it to be recognized what do I gotta tweak in the bios what do I have to do in windows if anything and what drivers would I need someone please help.

The Harddrive Is a Samsung Spinpoint T Series 500GB HD501LJ

Pfft and yes..the sata power cord is plugged in...


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