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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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nukewar help


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Posted on 18-07-06 18:01
i am the creator and owner of and i was just wondering if some people would like to be in a group so we can get the programing done faster

WE need: 2 people that know php really good to talk together to work on a login system with a db. we will need a really good image making person... dont worry i will get us a domain and stuff but for right now we need that to make sure.

About: the game is where u own a house and u start with 200$ and u go to buy a security system or guns . and u rob other peoples houses and u get there money and if u get caught by the security system it calls the cops and u lose ur weponds. and half of ur money.
we also need a counter thing to keep track of peoples money and other things .

please email me at or IM me at ubcool2ic

please dont pm me but i would love to have help
because this game will take 6 or 9 months for half with help it should take 3 or 4 months [mail][/mail]