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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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My Schools Drives


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Joined: 01.01.70
Posted on 16-11-07 02:35
Hey guys. At my school we have 3 drives. THe H:/ drive, a T:/ drive for the teachers files and we have a Z:/ drive. The Z drive is the only restricted drive and it is labled, "Dana."
In my guess it is where the students scheduals and such are held at. I had a trojan on a computer at one point but I recently removed it. I can get the administrative cridentials at any time I want. I do it all the time so its no worry.
I have not tried to go on the Admin account and try to open the Dana drive yet but I am going to attemp it soon.
I am just trying to brainstorm an idea where I can access that drive.

At one point I had all the backups and SQL files for the schools web server. I cannot find the SQL's anymore but the Backups are easyily to access. Should I put these on a flash drive for the hell of it? Or is it pointless?
Also on everyone computer, including for the students, there is an SQL Configuration and Information program in the start menu. I have looked at them many times and I have full access to the cross site scripting and such. Just to give ideas.
But my goal is to access this Dana drive. Any ideas?