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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Looking to create Intermediate team


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Joined: 12.08.16
Posted on 20-08-16 21:14
Hey guys, just joined this site a week ago.
I see many beginners here which is what this
site is for but I'm looking to create a team
With intermediate skills. Anyone interested
In working together on hack to root ctf games,
Working together on challenges here, and
Just get to know each other and share knowledge

Anyone interested becoming online friends
staying in touch frequently and perhaps
Creating a website. To be honest I just want
to make close online friends and just have fun
With security.

If interested please post your name or alias
and your skills, and maybe something about

Hope to get to know you guys.

- eof

Location: \home@Seattle
Fav Programming: Python, PHP
Skills: Intermediate
Best hack: found a sqli in a major website
had access to username passwords
As well as thousands of credit cards
Reported the bug to the admin the site
Never revealed the security hole publicly
After it's been fixed.

Fun Fact: At 17 I launched a dos attack from my high school
To all the district domains. Being totally stupid and
reckless when they tracked down the system it was
Coming from library pc, someone saw me and told on
Me. Got arrested with criminal computer trespass.
According the the courts I caused $400,000 of damage
And data loss which was total BS. Got 3 year probation
And 300 hours community service. Thank god I was a minor
Got banned from all districts had to go to online school.
And I'm not proud smart hackers don't get caught.



UPDATE 9/1/16
Really only one reply? Got almost a hundred
views and no one interested. Disappointing.

Anyway, best of luck to you all.


Edited by eof0100 on 01-09-16 17:04

RE: Looking to create Intermediate team


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Location: ∆ P®0X¥ W0R|D ∆
Joined: 19.11.13
Mad User
Posted on 21-08-16 02:10
I was thinking about hosting a challenge on my site where the user would have to build a website from the ground up; then implement SSL and test it on SSL Labs. The user would have to get an "A" on SSL Labs to receive the points.