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Saturday, January 20, 2018
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RE: learning php


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Posted on 25-08-08 06:51
maug wrote:
ok, so here is my 2 cents on how this shit works. PHP is related to hacking, so I can kind of see why you would ask around here, But PHP is also related to a lot of other things too. If you want to learn PHP then the first thing I think you should do is find these other places and then ask the best one. Same with things like Linux. There are great communities, there are tutorials and certifications left and right, so look around a little first.

Okay... your two cents suck. Saying a computer-related topic is related to hacking is like saying a computer gets its power from the wall socket fairy... you sound dumb stating the obvious idea in a way that is wrong.

Best ways to learn PHP:
1. w3schools
2. (for reference)
3. a free web host or a VM (virtual machine) to test on
4. a goal

There are communities... and tuts and certs. Certs are for professionals (not newbs), and communities... holy shit, WE'RE a community! Seriously, help the guy out with some specifics, then play Mr. Wizard with your words.

Edit: Yes, I bumped this shit. Eat me.

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