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Thursday, November 26, 2015
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Posted on 21-11-05 17:45

Rules of conduct:

-Submissions will be sent to :>

-Submissions subject headers will start with [ProgCon] so my filters pick it up and put it all in one place,
if you forget this there is a big chance i won't even see your submissions so remember that Smile

-All languages are allowed, but when i do get an exotic language you get bonus points for the use of it.

-ONLY SOURCE CODE, i will not accept binaries of any kind, they will be picked up by the filters and deleted immediately

-If the winner approves, source code will be up for people to see, learn, and comment on.

-Submissions will be rated in these fields:

- What kind of programming language is used => 2 same submissions, 1 in assembler, 1 in vb, assembler will win, yeah i know it's harsh, so shoot me.

-Code: Functionality and layout

-Handy extras and creativity to solve the problem

-What will get you bonus points:

-Cross platform; this only goes for non interpreter languages ofc Smile

-Identation, comments, make it more fun to read etc, easier on the eyes, (humor is a + :> )
-> Me wants to see sexy code, so give your code some bootyah :>

-handy UI, or GUI with the visual branch

List will be expanded if terms change, so stay tuned.

Now on to the compo:

New Programming Competition:


-60 1st
-40 2nd
-30 3thd

#Deadline: #

Results Last Competition:

Code an IRC Chatter Bot.

2nd: Pandakiller

Grtz on them for competing, source codes will be up in the code bank soon!


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