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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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ironkey and AXIS 211 Network Camera


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Posted on 10-01-09 12:25
I have two questions.

1.) What do you guys think of the Iron key flash drive. i looked throught the search function and only got to hits and they where both just a mention and no discussion on it.

2.) I was playing around with google and did the whole view/shtml thing and got alot of hits on AXIS cameras but they all require you to log in via a username and password in order to see through them or to control them. I also noticed that the urls look like this

Well i was playing around i hit one that allowed me to take a snapshot even though i had no rights to the camera so i click snapshot and i see the pic. well if i keep clicking refresh it will be pretty much like an video since the timestamp says its live. but the url for that is

so i switched it up and made this

Well now there are two pics but one is moving since i guess its the actual live feed and i could control them with the controls in the little window. Also on two of them i was able to do ../../../../../../etc/passwd and i got a file with a load of gibberish in it.

Heres the question. I know the dir transversal is a vuln but is the camera thing a vuln since i cant turn them off or anything. only move them around.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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RE: ironkey and AXIS 211 Network Camera

K3174N 420

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Posted on 10-01-09 12:31
Theres an article here called google hacking or somthing, and that shows a nice little search query that lists lots of controlable camera's... Not to sure about your point#1


Not the article i was tinking of, but looks just as gd...

Thanks Yours31f!
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